Signing into Greenroom as a Producer on Brandlive Platforms

Streams is one of Brandlive's platforms that can be powered by Greenroom. Here, we'll show you how to login to Greenroom as a Producer, how to navigate to a Brandlive platform or Custom Destination, and how to switch between platforms.

Logging In to Greenroom as a Producer

To login to Greenroom as a Producer, navigate to Once you enter your email, you'll follow one of two routes:

  1. If your team has access to only one Brandlive product, upon log in you'll be directed immediately to your Producer Dashboard.
  2. If your team has access to multiple products (Streams, Events Legacy, or Custom Destination), you'll be prompted to select a Greenroom portal to enter to then navigate to your respective Producer Dashboard based on the product. 



Streams and Custom Destination Platforms

If you're using Streams, you'll click the Streams portal.

If you're using our Legacy Events platform, click Events Legacy.

Finally, if you are using Greenroom and not with one of the Streams platforms mentioned above, you'll select Custom Destination. More on this in the next section. 


Showrooms and Allhands Platforms

If you're using the Showrooms or Allhands products, you'll click the Custom Destination portal. 

Within this portal, you can click + Create Show to generate and build out the Greenroom that will be used to stream your content to the relevant Brandlive audience platform or Custom Destination. 


Screen_Shot_2021-12-07_at_11.47.05_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-12-07_at_11.47.59_AM.png


Switching Between Platforms


To navigate between the various platforms, you'll need to sign out via the avatar dropdown in the top right corner. After re-entering your email, you'll see the platform selector. 


Remember: If you only use Greenroom within one of the Brandlive products, you won't be prompted to select a product portal, and you'll be immediately taken to your Producer homepage after signing in.