Greenroom Version 2.1

Scheduled for release Sept 9th @ 9pm


- Independent Greenroom License Support

For clients that have a greenroom license without another Brandlive product, there is a supported login environment that allows room creation, as well as channel name & icon assignment.

- Responsiveness for small screen sizes

The dashboard/home view was previously not displaying well for users with small screen sizes. It now dynamically shrinks/grows so that all buttons are accessible.

- "New Events" Support

Greenroom now works seamlessly with the new Events product. Streaming, room creation, etc.

- Screensharing Prompt

Before, when a screen share was within a shot, the user wasn't prompted to initiate their screen share until the shot went live. Now, the screen share prompt occurs 1 shot BEFORE, so that the presenter has time to initiate their screen share before going live

- Program feed hides mouse The mouse was showing in the /stream/ view. it is now hidden!

Bug Fixes

- "Go Live" button now matches the new "greenroom red" color.

- "unsupported device" splash screen now shows for certain android devices which were not seeing it previously.

- "Create Account" page, and Cam/Mic selector is no longer running off page for devices with smaller screens.

- Deleted moderated chats are no longer showing in the chat preview.

- Live broadcast counter is no longer resetting at the 1 hour mark.

- Delete shot confirmation modal now reflects the accurate shot you're deleting

- Uninitiated screen shares now show the red badge saying "screen share missing" similar to missing live feeds.