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Showbuilder workflow: Voiceover 2-shot layout


One particular shot that is common is a full screen video or slide deck, with a presenter talking behind it. Because ONLY the live presenters within the canvas go to the audience, you'll need to utilize a special workflow to build this type of shot.


When you're adding this shot to your showboard, you'll select the two box shot that has the number "2" in the full screen look of its layout. You can also distinguish it, as it's only visible under the category of layouts for "2 ups", or shots with two items in them.



The shot layout will then populate within the canvas. You'll see there's a single full screen box you can drop your media into, and then just below that box will be a small rectangle that says "audio only feed," where you'll be dragging and dropping the feed of the presenter that you want to have as the voiceover.



Once you have dropped your presenters feed into the "Audio only feed" area, you'll see a speaker icon within it, confirming that it's there and paired with the full screen media in your canvas. You can also drag another presenter into the "Audio only feed" to replace the current presenter that's in there if needed. Once all of that's done, you can still set a duration to the shot and edit the design of the shot with the design tab.