Showbuilder: Building a Shot with Voiceover

A commonly desired layout is one that acts like a voiceover; the layout to achieve this is called a "Hidden 2-Up." In this article, we'll talk about how to use this layout to build a shot with a voiceover affect, plus show you step-by-step how to achieve this as well as provide some tips and tricks to using a hidden 2-up.

How to Build a Shot with a Voiceover 

A commonly desired layout is one in which a video or slide deck takes up the full screen, similar to a full-screen one-up, but it includes the ability for a Presenter to still speak to the media. This layout is called a "Hidden 2-Up" because the Presenter is behind the media being presented – similar to a voiceover. The layout allows media to be on the canvas, as well as the audio feed of the Presenter who will be speaking to the media.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Select the 2-up shot that looks like a 1-up but has the number "2" on it. 


2) Drag and drop the Presenter feed that will be speaking about the media into the "Audio only feed" box. 


Once the Presenter's feed has been dropped into the "Audio only feed" box, it'll populate with an avatar of the Presenter and the Presenter's name. The Producer can always drag another Presenter feed into the "Audio only feed" to replace the current Presenter that's in there.


3) Drag and drop the media you want on the canvas for this shot 


Tips & Tricks: Using Hidden 2-Up with Slide Deck

Placing two shots side-by-side that contain the same Slide Deck has the effect of "linking" the shots. For example, placing a 2-up shot with 2 frames - with one frame containing containing a Presenter feed, and the other containing a Slide Deck - next to a hidden 2-up shot with the same Slide Deck placed on the canvas would link the two shots.

Linking a shot is beneficial when a Presenter, who might be on a 2 frame 2-up, is speaking to a slide deck and gets to a slide where the slide view needs to be enlarged. Advancing from one shot to the next would maintain the current page of the slide deck, while increasing slide deck to a full-canvas view. When linking shots using a hidden 2-up it maintains the Presenter's ability to continue to seamlessly speak to the media on the shot. 



If you set a shot in between these shots that doesn't have the same presentation in it, the slide deck will revert back to its very first slide after you cut away from the shot that doesn't have the slide deck linked to it.