Greenroom Version 2.0.1


Channel Tooltip - On hover, channel icons display the name of the channel


Missing feeds/media 

- When a particular shot is missing a feed or media item, we are showing the red badge on these items. Previously, this feature only applied if an invited presenter was not active in the greenroom.

- The "Next Shot" and "Change Shot" (Shift click) buttons now turn red when items are missing from a shot

Screen_Shot_2021-08-16_at_12.01.08_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-08-16_at_12.02.23_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-08-16_at_12.21.13_PM.png


Shot tab movement - When you change shots, the shot tab will also change to the current live shot

Who's in the Room? - Restored the functionality to see who is currently in the greenroom via the "Invite" section. A green dot displays on the avatar of the users currently active. 


Video Feed Improvements

- General updates to video feeds that should increase performance.

- Video feeds now scale up quality, for folks in the "next" show board shot. This will prevent "fuzzy" presenters when taken live for ~30ish seconds when they start their shot.

General Greenroom Improvement - Small adjustment that should make greenroom run faster. It could also be the placebo effect now that you've read this note.

Bug Fixes

Showboard & Broadcast button hover states - When presenters hover over the show board in the LIVE state, or hover over the broadcast button, it used to look like they could click something. it is now clear that those items are NOT clickable. 

Showboard toggled off - Restored the functionality of the old greenroom, where the canvas should be "cleared" when a user enters the room for the first time.