Showbuilder Overview

Showbuilder mode provides a dedicated space for collaborative, pre-show planning and shot building. While at first glance Showbuilder mode looks very similar to the live state of Greenroom, there are some critical differences that are important to understand. In this article, we'll run through some quick definitions to better understand Showbuilder, how to enter Showbuilder, and touch upon the key differences in Showbuilder.

Showbuilder Overview

Terms to Better Understand Showbuilder

  • Live mode/state: When a user is NOT in Showbuilder
  • Showbuilder mode/state: When a user is in Showbuilder

How to Enter Showbuilder

You can find the Showbuilder by navigating to the "Enter Showbuilder" button located in the top right corner of Greenroom. 


Once you enter Showbuilder, you'll see an "Exit" button that will return you back to Live mode in Greenroom to broadcast the show. 


Key Differences in Showbuilder

We go more in-depth in our article dedicated to the key differences in Showbuilder, but here you can see a quick rundown of what those key differences are. 

  • In Showbuilder, edits are immediately applied
  • Showbuilder is collaborative
  • It is not possible to broadcast while in Showbuilder
  • All Feeds of anyone invited to a Greenroom appear in Showbuilder, regardless of whether or not they made an account
  • Edits can be initiated by clicking the thumbnail canvas in the Shot Tab (the "Edit" icon is not visible in Showbuilder)

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