General Greenroom Settings

Within Greenroom, you can view your upcoming sessions, streaming options, and additional settings under the info, streaming, and settings tab. In this article, we'll show you how to access these settings and go more in-depth into these three options.

Accessing the Info & Streaming Settings

Upon clicking the gear icon, located in the top right corner of the Producer's view of Greenroom, are three tabs: Info, Streaming and Settings. All of these tabs host configurable options that Producers can set in preparation for a live show, as well as toggle during a live show if needed. 



From the Info tab, Producers can add Sessions.


Producers can create sessions to meet certain show needs. Sessions exist to help groups coordinate and get together for key moments in the Greenroom outside of the broadcast. Sessions are defined as:

  • Rehearsal: a dry run-of-show prior to broadcasting live.
  • Tech Check: a session dedicated to ensuring everyone has ease of access and use of Greenroom (i.e. Camera, Mic, and Entry into Greenroom works no problem).
  • Recording: a time to pre-record any material meant to go into the live show. Often this includes recording Presenters who are not available the day of the show, to ensure their material can make it into the show as pre-recorded content. 
  • Broadcast: this is the live show, intended to occur at the originally scheduled start-time.


For each session type being scheduled, the title, the start date and time, end date and time, and invite list (Team) can be customized. The Team area will list all Presenters you have already invited to the Greenroom.



From the Streaming tab, Producers can add Destinations, open the Program Feed and Reset Broadcasting.


Greenroom builds incredible shows – and once they are built, a destination is required for the shows to broadcast where it needs to be seen.

If you are streaming to the Brandlive Streams platform, a Streams Destination will be selected by default. Upon selecting "Add Destination", the following Streaming destinations appear.

Greenroom can easily be streamed to other Brandlive products including Allhands and Showrooms.

Additionally, Greenroom can be streamed to: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, or another custom destination (see "Other").


No matter the destination selected, there are three key inputs required:

  • the RTMP address
  • the Stream key
  • desired Video Quality (options include: 1080p, 720p, 480p).

If adding a custom destination, it is required to add a title, and optional to add a logo. 


Once created, the destination must be toggled on. Note: It is possible to edit a streaming destination, but it is not currently possible to delete a streaming destination. It is also not currently possible to simulcast to multiple destinations. 


Program Feed

From the Streaming tab, Producers can open the Program Feed. This creates a second Greenroom tab that is a direct fullscreen output of the Greenroom Canvas.

The Program Feed is helpful to see and hear what the Greenroom is broadcasting to a destination. It shows what a viewer would see if Greenroom was live streaming to the desired destination.

This can also be used in a hybrid production scenario, showing in-person Presenters or an audience what's happening within the virtual space.


Reset Broadcasting

The Reset Broadcasting button is used to reset the server connection of a Greenroom to its cloud streaming destination. This is designed to be used in specific troubleshooting scenarios.

For more information on proper troubleshooting, we recommend reviewing the Broadcast Failure Troubleshooting article.


From the Settings tab, Producers have many additional settings that are able to be toggled on and off, and that have a global impact on the Greenroom. 


Entry Requirements

For added security, Greenroom has four different entry requirements settings. This can either increase or decrease control over who enters the Greenroom and when.

  • None: If selected, this will mean that people (Producers or Presenters) who have access to the Greenroom URL will be able to immediately enter the Greenroom upon logging in.
  • Require Producer's Approval: If selected, this setting will put Presenters into an entry queue that the Producer can then approve, allowing them access into the Greenroom. Producers can find this entry queue within the Invite Users area, under Pending Requests.
  • Require Producer's Presence: If selected, this will require that a Producer is in the Greenroom prior to any other Presenters being able to get into the Greenroom. 
  • Require Producer's Approval & Presence: If selected, this will require both the Producer being in the Greenroom prior to other Presenter's admittance, as well as requiring Producer approval.


Email Invites

This toggle gives a Producer the ability to turn automated emails on or off.

  • When toggled on, the automated emails include:
    • Initial Invite: Presenters will automatically receive an email invitation when first being added to the Greenroom invite list, or when being invited to a relevant session (i.e. Rehearsal, Tech Check, Recording and/or Broadcast).
    • Reminder: If invited greater than 24-hours prior to a session, Presenters will receive an automated email reminder 30-minutes prior to the event. If invited within 24-hours of an event, Presenters will only receive the Initial Invite, no reminders.
  • When toggled off, both of these email reminders will be disabled. Check out our article on Email Invites for more info.

Events Q&A

Using the Events Q&A chat room, a Brandlive event moderator can forward comments and questions from a linked Brandlive event page to this Greenroom chat room. This feature gives the Producers and Presenters the ability to respond to the audience during a live Greenroom show.

  • When toggled on, the Events Q&A chat room is activated within the Chat Tab.


Video Resolution Management

  • When toggled on, the Video Resolution Management feature manages video resolution of live Presenters depending on who is in the canvas or is about to be. This means feed resolution may diminish for Producers and Presenters backstage in order to maintain a high-quality feed on canvas, as well as enable a larger number of people to be present in Greenroom at once without reduced feed quality on canvas.
  • When toggled off, Greenroom is pulling the highest quality feeds (using a lot of data) from all Presenters and Producers at once, no matter whether they are on- or off-canvas. The best use-case for turning this feature off is when a situation arises that requires live, unplanned transitions (i.e. Live Q&As) and/or when there are a small number of people in Greenroom (i.e. 5 total Presenters and Producers). 
    • Note: this could cause increased performance requirements on user's computers AND internet bandwidth requirements. Consult with your main point of contact before using.

Backstage & Producer Comms

This feature helps prevent backstage noise from bleeding into the live broadcast.

  • When toggled on, the Backstage & Producer Comms feature allows Presenters and Producers to communicate backstage without disrupting the Presenter on the canvas.
    • This means that if a Presenter is on canvas, and Presenters and Producers who are backstage are communicating with one another, the Presenter on canvas will not hear any irrelevant background noise.
    • It also allows the Producer to use a Live Presenters comms button to talk to the live Presenter in the canvas without the Producers audio being heard in the broadcast. Check out our article on Backstage & Producer Comms for more info.


Auto Mute

The Auto Mute toggle within Greenroom's Settings is now defaulted to being toggled off as a result of Media Mic Echo Cancellation being implemented within Greenroom. Check out our article on Media mic echo cancellation for more info. 


  • When toggled on, Showboard will appear along the bottom of the screen below the canvas.
  • When toggled off, Showboard will not appear and it will remove the ability to Enter Showbuilder in order to build a show in advance. This means a Producer would be responsible to switch and create shots in real-time within the Feeds tab.