Feature Overview: Greenroom Settings Menu

These settings are the foundation on which you'll build your outstanding production.

This article will show you how to access general Greenroom settings and go more in-depth into the three tabs. You can view your upcoming sessions, streaming options, and additional settings under the info, streaming, and settings tabs.

Settings Video Overview

Accessing the Settings Menu

Upon clicking the gear icon, located in the top right corner of the Producer's view in Greenroom, are three tabs: Info, Streaming and Settings. All of these tabs host configurable options that Producers can set in preparation for a live show, as well as toggle during a live show if needed. 

Info Tab

From the Info tab, Producers can see the date and time of the Greenroom broadcast, and can add Sessions.

Add Sessions

Producers can add additional sessions to help groups coordinate and get together for key moments in the Greenroom outside of the broadcast.  These include Rehearsals, Tech Checks, and Recordings.

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Streaming Tab

From the Streaming tab, Producers can add destinations, open the Program Feed and find a button to Reset Broadcasting.



Greenroom builds incredible shows – and once they are built, a destination is required for the shows to broadcast where it needs to be seen. You can stream to Brandlive and other RTMP platforms.

Program Feed

The Program Feed is helpful to see and hear what the Greenroom is broadcasting to a destination. It shows what a viewer would see if Greenroom was live streaming to the desired destination.

Onsite Program Feed

This can also be used in a hybrid production scenario, showing in-person Presenters or an audience what's happening within the virtual space.

Reset Broadcasting

The Reset Broadcasting button is used to reset the server connection of a Greenroom to its cloud streaming destination. This is designed to be used in specific troubleshooting scenarios.



From the Settings tab, Producers have many additional settings that are able to be toggled on and off, and that have a global impact on the Greenroom. 


Entry Requirements

For added security, Greenroom has four different entry requirements settings. This can either increase or decrease control over who enters the Greenroom and when.

Email Invites

This toggle gives a Producer the ability to turn automated Greenroom emails on or off.  This includes Presenter invites, and invites to Greenroom Sessions.

Brandlive Q&A

Using the Brandlive Q&A chat room, a Brandlive session moderator can forward comments and questions from a linked Brandlive session page to this Greenroom chat room. This feature gives the Producers and Presenters the ability to respond to the audience during a live Greenroom show.

Video Resolution Management

Video Resolution Management feature manages video resolution of live Presenters depending on who is in the canvas or is about to be. This means feed resolution may diminish for Producers and Presenters backstage in order to maintain a high-quality feed on canvas, as well as enable a larger number of people to be present in Greenroom at once without reduced feed quality on canvas.

Backstage & Producer Comms

This feature helps prevent backstage noise from bleeding into the live broadcast. The Backstage & Producer Comms feature allows Presenters and Producers to communicate backstage without disrupting the Presenter on the canvas.


This Feature turns on and off the Showboard below the Canvas of the Greenroom. 

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