Email Invites Tab

Greenroom offers the options for Producers to send email invites out to their attendees. In this article, we'll run through more specifically about the options within the email invites tab.

Email Invites Tab

Within Setup > Info > Greenroom Settings, there is a tab for Email Invites, which can be turned on or off. 

When you first enter a Greenroom it is defaulted to on, meaning the Greenroom will automatically send email invites to your Presenters when you enter their email in the invite user list, or when you create a rehearsal or tech check session.


When you turn the email invites tab off, it will prevent automatic Greenroom emails to be sent to your presenters when inviting them to a Greenroom, or to a rehearsal or tech check. This allows Greenroom Producers to create customized invites for their presenters through their own email platforms, where they can then reference the specific Greenroom presenter link to their invitees.  


Additional Resources

Check out our article about email invites for more info on the specifics about the functionality and best practices around email invites.