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Backstage and Producer Comms


Backstage and Producer Comms give a producer the ability to talk with presenters that are on and off the canvas, without the producer's voice going into the live show.  This allows the producer to talk to anyone that's in the canvas during a live show, to give them direction or information from "backstage." The Producer can also directly communicate with an individual presenter, apposed to all live presenters, that's in the canvas through an isolated audio channel option.


As the Greenroom producer, you can toggle this feature on and off. When in the Greenroom, go to Setup > Info, and you'll see Backstage & Producer Comms toggle just below the Moderated Comments and Questions toggle. This will allow you to turn off the feature when talking to everyone on and off the canvas in a non-live environment. Note that turning this feature off will put your Greenroom into a "hot mic" situation, meaning that anyone's microphone will broadcast into your show, whether they are backstage OR within the canvas.



The "All Presenters" button, just below the canvas, will allow the producer to speak to the presenters in the canvas, while allowing those off the canvas to still hear what the producer is saying.

Note: This button works in a "push to talk" fashion like a walkie-talkie, so don't forget to click and hold when using!


In the bottom right corner of the screen, when a group of presenters is live, each presenter will have a headset button next to their name. Clicking and holding down this button allows the producer to talk directly to that presenter, without disturbing the other live presenters.



Presenting while off screen

Note that only media and presenters within the live canvas are able to talk live. If you're looking to have a presenter commentate over a media file, you'll need to use a specific template to allow such.


This new 2-shot layout allows one presenter to talk over a piece of media within the live canvas. When setting up the shot as the producer, select the piece of media you want to bring into the canvas, and select the presenter you want to talk to it. Once the two feeds are selected, you can rearrange the order of them so the media is in the 2 slot, and the presenter is in the 1 slot.  This will allow the presenter to be behind the media in the shot, while allowing their voice to be heard in the canvas and in the live-stream.



The Backstage & Producer Comms feature is a great tool for the producer, allowing them to communicate through multiple paths while preventing their audio from ending up in their broadcast.

Keep in mind that when this feature is on and presenters are in the live canvas, they won't be able to hear any of the other presenters that are off the canvas, until they themselves are taken off the canvas by the producer. They also won't be able to hear the producer, until the producer presses and hold the Comms button, allowing for communication to each or all of the presenters.