Greenroom Version 1.4

Backstage Comms: Greenroom now has the ability to detect who is live vs. backstage and route audio accordingly. Greenroom participants that are within the room, but not within the live canvas are free to communicate freely without the risk of their audio going live, or distracting the presenters. On the flip side of this, all live presenters are isolated to the audio of the other "on stage" presenters (within the canvas) for open conversation, and without interference of the backstage guests.

Producer Comms: At a live event, presenters on stage often have an ear piece so the producer can talk into their ear while they present. Now, you can do the same within Greenroom. The speaker_-_icon.png icon is present in two locations that allow the producer to communicate with an individual live presenter, or all onstage presenters while they are live. 

Off Screen Presenting: With the addition of our adjusted communications features, there is an additional layout available for "2 ups" which allows for a secondary feed's audio to go live without being on the canvas. The use case most applicable for this is 1 presenter talking over a slide deck without having to be seen alongside the deck. 

Bug Fixes: 

Large note sizes were causing crashes previously.

"Shared Media" view was not viewing properly on certain screen sizes.