Greenroom Producer Hotkeys

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that Producers and Presenters may use to navigate Greenroom. In this article, we'll explain what these hotkeys are.

Finding the Hotkeys Description in Greenroom

In addition to this article, you can find descriptions of these hotkeys inside of Greenroom. To find these, click on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner to open up a menu called Keyboard Shortcuts. The menu will look slightly different for Producers and Presenters.




Producer Hot Keys   

  • Producer Comms (all presenters): Space Bar
  • Producer Comms (Individual presenter): Shift + Shot position # (1-9)
  • Clear Shot: Backspace/Delete
  • Start/Change Shot: Enter/Return
  • Change tabs (Feeds, Media, Notes, Chat, Design): A & D
  • Titles Firing (all): T
  • Mute yourself: M
  • Turn-off your video: V
  • Slide Deck: Left arrow / Right arrow
  • Apply Layout / Add Shot: Enter / Return