A beautiful showboard is built one shot at a time.

Producers work in Showbuilder to set up a show; it's the part of Greenroom that allows Producers to create and edit shots in a highly customizable way. Layouts are the compositions that make up a shot; it's where you can place video feeds or media. In this article, we'll show you how to create and edit shots in Showbuilder, customize layouts, and preview in Showboard. 

Video Overview


Creating and Editing Layouts

Greenroom Producers can access Greenroom at any time to set up a show once the show has been created. When entering Showbuilder for the first time, a default "Intro" video shot will be on the Canvas, along with an "Outro" shot in the Showboard in the form of a thank you video. Underneath the canvas is the ability to select "Edit Layout". 


By selecting "Edit Layout" you can start creating your first shot.

In addition to being able to edit the layout of the first shot that is landed upon when entering Showbuilder, you can use the "Add Shot" button at the end of the Showboard to add new shots. You can also add a shot in between two existing shots by hovering your mouse in between the existing shots and clicking the "+" button.


It's easy to add or edit an existing layout that's within a shot. After selecting "Edit Layout" or "Add Shot", the shot created will automatically be a 1A layout. If needed, the layout can be customized retroactively as described below. 

When a Producer is in the "Live" mode of Greenroom, they can hover over shots within the Showboard and click the pencil icon to edit that shot.


Another way to edit a new or existing shot is by selecting a shot in Showboard, and navigating to Design > Layouts > “Number of Presenters'' where a list of layouts from 1-8 can be found.

To see the changes immediately affect the canvas, a Producer can explore the options by clicking through numbers 1-8 under "Number of Presenters" as well as the subsequent layouts available based on number of Presenters. You will see the updates taking immediate effect on the canvas. Check out our Greenroom customization and styling guide to view all the layout options.

To get a greater sense of how a feed will appear in a layout, open the "Feeds" tab to drag and drop a feed directly onto the layout you just selected on the canvas. With the feed in the canvas, you can continue to explore layout options and see how the canvas and Feed changes based on the layout selected. 

Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.18_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.25_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.33_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.41_PM.png

 Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.48_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.09.55_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.10.02_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_12.10.09_PM.png

Layout Spacing and Borders

For the majority of layouts, it's possible to change the layout spacing. This will increase or decrease the spaces (pixels) between various frames within a shot.

You can also link the pixels for "Top," "Bottom," "Sides," and "Inside."

  • Linking the spacing will make all sides share the same pixels.
  • Unlinking them will allow unique spacing to be set for each option.


 The video border setting and corner rounding setting may also be set.

  • The border setting can be set to line the inside or the outside of the layouts, and the border's color and opacity may also be customized.
  • The video corner rounding can be set to: small, medium, large, x-large, or pillbox.

Keep in mind that the video border and corner rounding setting are a universal setting, so they will be applied to all shots and shot layouts in the Showboard. 

Shot Tab

Details of a shot will be displayed in the Shot Tab, when you are selected on the current shot displayed on the canvas, or when clicking "shot info" of a different shot within the Showboard.  Clicking the Shot Tab will expand it from the right side, displaying various shot information that can be edited.


Shot Title

Each shot can be given a title, which will be displayed in the Shot Tab, and below the listed shot in the Showboard.


Durations can be set to shots, giving a countdown of how long the shot is supposed to last (min:sec). When a shot is played, the presenter in the shot will see a red countdown timer above the canvas, and the Producer will see a countdown timer in the Showboard. Once the set time counts down, it will stop at zero and flash, indicating the time is up and suggesting the producer proceed with clicking "Next Shot." If a single video is set to a shot, the runtime of the video will automatically populate within the duration field, and be set as the duration.

Shot Thumbnail

A Thumbnail image of the selected shot will be displayed, showing the look of the shot and the layout that's being used. Hovering your cursor over this image will bring up an "Edit" button, where you can bring up a pop up window to edit the shot content and layout.

Manual / Autoplay

The "M" button next to the duration indicates that your shot is set to a manual duration that will end at set duration time. Clicking the "M" button will change it to an "A" for Autoplay, which will automatically advance to the next shot when the set shot duration commences.  Autoplay can also be activated and deactivated from the shot ellipse menu within the Showboard.

Manual_option_shot_tab.png Autoplaying_Shot_Tab.png



Titles toggle can activate the auto-generated Greenroom titles for your live presenters. Clicking the pencil icon will bring up the Design tab section where you can edit the look of the auto-generated titles.


Producers can write in cues or notes regarding cues that will help initiate the next shot


This notes field will let producers write in notes regarding this particular shot, when the Shot Tab is visible. These notes are separate from notes created within the Notes Tab.


Showboard Preview

As shots are added, the Showboard captures a preview-like view of the total show.

The Showboard can be viewed two different ways: 

1) In a retracted view where the shots show up as a row of small thumbnails 


2)  In an expanded view where the shots are bigger and their details are more easily seen. 


Editing shots in Showboard

In Showbuilder, Each Shot within the Showboard will have an ellipses menu in its top right corner, where you can access these editing options:


Duplicate will create an exact copy of the current shot you're on (layout, content, shot notes), and set it as the next shot in the Showboard.


You can turn on Autoplay for the Shot, which will allow the shot to play through and then automatically cut to the next shot. A duration must be set for the shot to activate this. You can also deactivate Autoplay from this menu setting.


You can select Delete to delete the shot from the Showboard.


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