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Brandlive API Endpoint Information

The new endpoint is used to pull registration data that is collected before and during an event. A registration record will be completed when the user finishes a viewing session and stored in the Brandlive database.


Type of request: GET


Parameters: start, stop, client_api_key


How to Acquire API Key

In the Brandlive Admin console, click on the settings button in the side panel. Once there, navigate to the API tab within the settings. If the Brandlive API has been activated for the channel, the api key will be displayed on the page. If not then there will be a message that will tell you to contact your account representative for more information.  The api integration must be activated first before the api will appear. 



The client_api_key is provided through the API settings page in the admin console. 

The start parameter is the unix time to begin the search. For reference, unix time is the number of seconds since Jan 1st, 1970 in UTC time. 

The stop parameter is the unix time to end the search


How to use the API

The API endpoint can be called via url, https request, fetch, etc. You will need to furnish the start and stop times for the end point. Find the unix times for when the event in question started and ended and use those unix times in the api call. 



Sample endpoint with parameters:



Note: Intervals greater than 100,000 may cause a time out response. In that case, reduce the time interval. 

Response: A JSON array of registration objects. Returns information including all unique registration questions asked. 

"event": "Event Name",
"id": "0gnq3ifnd2585fnsnr3f",
"Passcode": "123456789"
“Time Registered": "1599234594",
”Device Type": "Windows 10.0.0",
"Browser": "Firefox",
"Session Start": "2020-09-22T17:52:55.000Z",
"Session End": "2020-09-22T17:52:55.000Z”,
Channel Mapping ID”: "0uwiisoiaspwnvids34”,
“Session Mapping ID”: "iisosvds34hiklkdv23",
~~“Other Registration Questions”: “RESPONSES”~~