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External Microphone and Camera use with Greenroom

The Greenroom supports the use of external cameras and microphones.

In order to determine if a particular camera or microphone will work with the Greenroom, you'll want to ensure first that your computer is able to recognize the device. As long as your computer is capable of receiving the signal, and you've had success connecting via any other web or desktop based application, you'll be able to use such within the Greenroom.


To choose which input you'd like to use from within the Greenroom, begin by plugging it into your computer before launching your web browser. Once you've connected, go ahead and join your Greenroom, and navigate to your user avatar which is located in the top right hand corner area of the Greenroom interface. Within Avatar > Video Settings, is where you'll find the microphone and camera settings.




From here, you'll see various drop down menus that allow you to select a particular camera, microphone, as well as speaker output if you're using something like a bluetooth headset. 

The three red dots alongside the microphone selector field will move in reaction to feedback it receives. You can give a quick "testing!" shout and make sure things are configured properly. 


The Test button next to speakers will feed you sample audio, to make sure your speakers and headphones are working.



  • If you're using an external camera that has a built in microphone as well, you'll have to select the appropriate output in both the "Camera" AND "Microphone" drop down selectors. 
  • The Greenroom will try its best to remember your past audio/video settings, but disconnecting and reconnecting can often times default these back. Make sure to check your settings before showtime.