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Greenroom Capacity

What is the maximum number of presenters one can have in a Greenroom event?


There is not a set maximum number of presenters for a Greenroom. We’ve seen successful use of 20+ presenters, but It’s generally good to keep in mind the capabilities of your computer and network connection that you’re using and how it might react to a presenter heavy Greenroom. We have seen Greenroom events where a producer has been able to bring in 20+ presenters, in which scenarios the producer may use a computer that’s more powerful and robust.  For example, using a Macbook Pro might be able to better support a Greenroom event that has 20+ presenters compared to a Macbook Air.  However since Greenroom is a browser-based application, it’s always best to make sure you’re using the most up to date version of Chrome or Firefox, to help ensure the best performance of Greenroom.

Is there a suggested maximum number of presenters for a Greenroom Event?


We recommend keeping the maximum number of presenters in the Greenroom at 12-15 to ensure a good experience Producing. Having more than 15 presenters in the Greenroom bring a range of logistical and User interface issues that can reduce the producer experience. It becomes harder to quickly spot certain presenters, as you may have to scroll further down the list of feeds to see them.  In addition, the more presenters you have in Greenroom, the more the producer will have to monitor, from ensuring each presenter has good video quality, to making sure that those who should be mute are muted, and those who are in the canvas speaking are unmuted.