Using Greenroom Chat

Using the chat in Greenroom is a great way to stay connected with Presenters and Producers before or during an event. In this article, we'll give you an overview and understanding of the Greenroom chat feature, give an overview of chat notifications, and show you how to create a new chatroom.

Greenroom Chat Overview

Understanding the Chat Functionality

The chat tab allows for written communication among Presenters and Producers, before or during an event.

By default, you'll be able to see a "Presenter chat" room that includes all the current Presenters and Producers. If turned on from the Greenroom Settings toggles, you'll also see the Streams Q&A chat room which allows Brandlive Admin Moderators to forward comments and questions from a Brandlive Streams event page to Greenroom for the Producer and/or Presenters to answer.


You’ll also be able to see a list of all participants in Greenroom that you can individually message.

Once the event goes live, the chat functionality is hugely important to coordinate remotely. You can chat to individual Presenters, a custom group of Presenters, or to the entire Greenroom via "Presenter chat". 

Check out our article on adjusting Greenroom settings for more info on setting up the Streams Q&A option.


Chat Notifications

For every chat room or direct message you don't already have open, each message you receive will show up as a temporary toaster notification in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You'll also see a notification appear over the chat tab icon, as well as notifications on the respective threads where new messages exists (both for rooms and direct messages). Until a message is read, those notifications will remain.
If you already have a room or direct message open and are receiving messages through that thread, you will not receive a toaster notification or any other notifications over the chat tab or the thread; because the chat is open, the new messages register as "read". This functionality works the same for recipients of messages you send. 
Remember that notifications help to draw attention to chats that occur during live shows. They do NOT disrupt or appear on a live broadcast. 


Creating a New Chat Room

If you’d like to communicate with a specific group, use the “+ Add a room” feature to begin a custom group chat.
When in a different tab, a small green dot will appear next to the Chat tab letting you know there are unread messages.