Shot-by-shot notes takes the guesswork out of presenting.

Within Greenroom, the notes tab allows for the creation of two different note types: standard and shot. In this article, we'll give an overview of Greenroom notes and differentiate between a standard note and a shot note.

Greenroom Notes Video Overview


Difference Between Standard Notes and Shot Notes

The "Notes" tab allows you to create two types of notes: a standard note and a shot note. 


With both of these types of notes, you can format the text by changing font size, font color, along with other options. Additionally, both types of notes share the ability to be collaborative by inviting other Producers or Presenters to work simultaneously on them.

Pre-loaded in the Notes tab is a "Best Practices" note, which gives tips and tricks for how to best use Greenroom and prepare for live shows.


Standard Notes

A standard note allows the Greenroom user to generate a document-like note, that can be typed out or pasted in from another source.
In the top right corner, you have the ability to invite collaborators. Along the bottom of the note are easy-to-use formatting tools. Notes are often used to document important items that need to be shared and consolidated across Producers and Presenters, or house reminders to be referenced at a later time.
For both Presenters and Producers, all notes that they have created across multiple Greenrooms can be seen by navigating to their profile avatar and selecting "All Notes" in the drop down menu. 
Screen_Shot_2021-10-20_at_7.34.33_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-10-20_at_7.34.50_PM.png

Shot Notes

As mentioned, shot notes, like standard notes, have the ability to be formatted and collaborative. What differentiates shot notes is that they are tied to a specific shot that exists within your Showboard. 
As you cut to each shot within the Showboard, the shots' respective notes jump to the top of the page. Shot notes allow you to host notes and talking points that are specific to each shot. Furthermore, with their talk track easily accompanying the shot they are on, Presenters are able to stay focused and on topic. No more using note cards or reading off of a word doc – the script is within the Greenroom attached to the shot that is currently live. (Note: these shot notes may also be copy and pasted from another document into Greenroom).

Slide Notes

If you have a slide presentation within your shots, you can also access slide notes within that shot.  This gives the user the ability to host notes that correlate to each slide within their presentation deck.  As the user scrolls through the presentation deck, the slide notes will jump to the top of the page for whichever slide is being presented. 

To access your slide notes, simply upload your Powerpoint or Keynote file with speaking notes to the media tab. After it has finished processing, click on the Notes tab. You will see your presentation as a card that you may select:


You will then see a breakdown of your slides with their corresponding speaking notes underneath them. If needed, you can readily edit them in Greenroom with the mere click of your mouse. When you click inside the text area, a formatting palette will appear at the bottom of the slide notes container, in case you need to bold, italicize or create bullet points in your speech.


Sharing Slide Notes

If you have collaborators or multiple speaking partners who need viewing or editing access to your slide notes, select the people icon at the top of the note card:


From the dropdown list that appears, you can search for your colleagues or simply scroll through the list of presenters and check the box next to their name. Please note that if they have not been invited to the Greenroom, they will not appear on this list. Ask your Producer for assistance if that is the case.