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Brandlive’s moderation tool allows you to have full control over the comments or questions the presenter and the users see.

Accessing Moderation

For Events:

  1. Log into your Brandlive account at
  2. Click on the menu button (web-ellipses.svg) next to the title of the event you wish to moderate. You can also navigate to the Events page from the main menu web-menu.svg to select from the main list of events. 
  3. Select web-moderate.svg Moderate from the drop-down menu. This will open Moderation in a new tab.

Alternatively, if you are viewing the Event Overview page you can moderate directly from that page. In the top right corner of the event overview (next to Broadcast), click the Moderate button.

For Lessons:

  1. Log into your Brandlive account at
  2. Click on the main menu icon web-menu.svg and select Courses.
  3. Click on the menu button (web-ellipses.svg) next to the title of the course you wish to moderate. Select Overview.
  4. Next to the lesson name you wish to moderate, click on the menu button (web-ellipses.svg) and select  web-moderate.svg Moderate from the drop-down menu. This will open the moderation tool in a new tab.

Moderation Header

The first row of boxes on the top of the page is designed to give you easy access to moderation tools.

Video Preview

In the first box to the top left, you will see the video being broadcasted in real time. By providing this preview, it prevents you from having to toggle between browsers to follow along with the live broadcast.

Question / Comment Box

The second box allows you to submit a question or comment to the event or lesson page. This feature acts the same as submitting a question or comment directly on the event or lesson page from the comments form.

Sticky Note Box

This will post a fixed message to the top of the chat feed, so it doesn’t get lost in the feed with incoming Q&A.

When you want to use it, type in your message and click Publish. Once you Unpublished, the message will disappear from the page. If you want to change/update an already existing sticky note message, edit your message re-publish it.

If you wish to add a hyperlink (otherwise known as a link, domain or URL) to the Sticky Note Box, be sure to use the following format:

<a href="">Put Your Text Here</a>

Slides Box

If the event or lesson features a slideshow, you can control which slides the users see during the event or lesson. By simply selecting the left or right arrows, you are changing which slide is visible in the slideshow to viewers.

Note: Be sure to have Slides Advanced by Admin activated when adding a slideshow to your event or lesson during creation.

See Additional Content in the Creating Events article to learn more for Events. 

See Additional Content in the Creating Courses article to learn more for Lessons. 

Products Box

If the event or lesson features Products, you will see an image of the product here. The image shown in this feature is the main product viewers will see. To change the product shown throughout the broadcast:

  1. Click the Search feature located at the bottom of the box.
  2. Select which product you would like to change it to.
  3. Click the green check mark from the prompt to Send to top.

Layout and Features

To change, add, and remove the columns you see on the screen, hover the mouse over the list icon web-bullets.svg on the left-hand side and select your desired boxes.

You can also arrange each column to your desired placement on the screen by dragging them in order.


All Questions/Comments

This is where you will see all questions and comments that users submit on the event or lesson page. The newest comments will appear on the top.


All questions submitted in the comment form will appear in this column.

My Messages

Any comment submitted in the Question/Comment box in the Moderation Header will appear here.

Send to Presenter

Comments/questions that you have sent to the presenter for them to reply verbally over the live broadcast. See Send to Presenter below.

Not Answered

Any unanswered questions will remain in this column.


Any comment that is a tweet will show up in this column. Note: you will need to have twitter comments enabled for this to work. Please note, twitter comments only work in Events at this time. 

Most Popular

Each question/comment on the event or lesson page has the ability to be ‘web-like.svg liked’ by the viewers. Questions/comments with the most likes will appear in this column.

Not Approved

When Comments Require Approval is enabled in the event (this is done in Settings from the Admin Console), comments that you have not yet approved will appear in this column. Users will be notified that their comment isn't approved yet by a "Awaiting Approval" notification next to their comment. Please note, this is only applicable to events, not lessons.


You will see a question/comment here if one of the viewers asked a support question which prompted an Auto Support response. If the auto support response couldn’t help their issue, they have the choice to “send to moderator.” If they choose this selection, the question/comment will show up in this column.


Any deleted questions/comments will appear in this column. To delete a question/comment, simply hover over any box and click the web-close-circle.svg icon. Users will be notified that their comment was removed by a "Deleted by moderator" notification next to their comment.


Any comments that are not in the form of a question will appear here.

Replying to a Comment or Question

To reply to someone, click the reply arrow web-reply.svg in the bottom left corner of the comment. Your name will appear in the Question/Comment box in the Moderator Header (i.e. @Sarah from:). Type in your response here and click submit.

The response will appear directly under the original message.


Moderator Chat

Moderator chat is a simple chat module that lets you chat with other moderators from the Moderation window.

Click the chat icon web-chat.svg to the right of the column headers to expand the chat module. Two columns will appear Moderator Chat and Saved Messages.

Moderator Chat

This is the chat stream between moderators. At the bottom of this column is a “Send Message” field. Simply type your message in and press the return (or enter) key on your keyboard. This will submit the comment to the stream, and you will see your comments appear on the right side.

Saved Messages

These are comments that were sent to the moderator from any other column. To do this, hover your mouse over any comment and click the shield icon web-moderate.svg. This will copy the comment into the Saved Messages. Doing this will give moderators a quick look at important comments should they need to review or save until they can reply back or approve the comment.


Send to Presenter

As a moderator, you have the option to send a comment/question to the presenter. These will appear on the presenter’s broadcast screen (see Browser-based-Broadcasting). To broadcast from your browser and moderate at the same time, you will need two computers. Please ensure you have the following set up before getting started:

Set Up

  • Make sure the Send to Presenter Message Filter is toggled on in the presenter’s broadcasting screen.
  • The moderator must have “Questions” and “Send to Presenter” columns visible, along with any other columns they wish to view.
  • When you have moderation setup complete on the presenter’s device and the moderator’s computer, submit a few tests by posting in the chat fed and sending it to the presenter. Don’t worry, you can delete any of your test comments from the Moderation screen.

Moderating Questions/Comments

  1. During the event or lesson, as comments come in, hover your mouse over the comment/question.
  2. Four icons will appear ( web-close-circle.svg  web-arrow-up-right.svg  web-moderate.svg web-reply.svg ) Hover over each icon for a description. Click the second icon, web-arrow-up-right.svg.
  3. You’ll see the content box flash orange as it appears in the “Send to Presenter” column.
  4. Once the presenter answers the question/comment, you can remove the question/comment from the presenters' screen.
  5. Hover your mouse over the question/comment. You’ll see that arrow icon has rotated and the hover text says “remove from presenter.” Click that arrow and that question/comment will no longer appear on the presenter’s screen.

Post Event Notifications

(Please note, Post Event Notifications are only applicable to Events.)

After the event has ended, the administrator can choose to receive notifications if additional viewers submit questions/comments on the event page.

To turn on post-event notifications, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Admin Console, click the main menu web-menu.svg in the upper left and click on Events.
  2. Locate your event.
  3. Click the menu icon (three dots) next to the Event Title. Select Edit from that list.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Scroll down until you see a section called Post Event Notifications.
  6. Select the administrators who should receive notifications that new comments have been submitted after an event ends.
  7. Click the green Publish button to publish the changes.

Auto Support

The moderator platform offers auto support if someone types in comments regarding technical difficulties. Feel free to try this on your own. In the question/comment box, submit text that is similar to "I can't hear the sound." This will generate an article giving the viewers troubleshooting steps for their technical problem.