How to: Use Audio Functions as a Presenter

As a presenter in Greenroom, you have the ability to control your own microphone. In this article, we'll show you how to select your microphone and speaker source, how to mute yourself, and provide some additional things to know about the audio functions as a Greenroom Presenter


Selecting Microphone and Speaker Source

By navigating to the profile Avatar > Devices, you can select which microphone to use (i.e. computer’s internal mic or external USB mic) as well as the speaker source (i.e. computer’s speakers or headphones).  


How to Mute Yourself

Within the Greenroom, you have the ability to mute yourself whenever you want.

To do so, you'll use the mic icon (just above the camera icon) that you'll see on your thumbnail within the Presenter tab. You can also use the mic icon for yourself at the bottom of the Feeds tab. The Producer within your Greenroom will have the ability to mute and unmute you as well.


Audio FYIs

Here are a couple additional things to know about the audio functions as a Greenroom Presenter:

  • If you’re a Presenter that’s getting ready to go live with the Producer's cues, you can stay muted; when the Producer brings you into the Greenroom canvas, you will need to be ready to unmute yourself. 
  • We have a feature that can sense if you are speaking while muted; you'll see a pop-up under the canvas that will prompt you to unmute, like so:
  • Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 4.42.15 PM (1).png
  • When a Presenter is done speaking and they’re brought out of the canvas of the Greenroom, their microphone will still be unmuted. This means that they will either need to mute themselves or have the Producer mute them, in order to better control the audio sources within Greenroom. With Backstage & Producer Comms on, the presenter does not need to worry about muting themselves after being on canvas.