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Getting Started with Profiles

Where you'll be controlling user based video and audio settings and general profile information

Clicking the circle in the top right corner will allow you to control your personal settings, as well as exit the green room. These settings are important for the Producer and equally important to be familiar with as you guide your presenters on camera.
Within the profile editor, You’re able to fill out your name, Title, Location as well as an avatar image. 
The Video settings tab will let you redefine what AV settings you originally defined on sign up. Make sure you’re familiar with this space when presenters inevitably have trouble correctly sourcing which camera and microphone they’ll be presenting with. There is a small microphone graphic next to the microphone source that will register feedback to ensure the selected device is working. The small “Test” text with a small speaker icon can be clicked to play a sample sound, and once again confirm that the selected source is working properly. 
Lastly, there is a Video Resolution tab where you can reduce the desired output resolution for your camera input. We recommend a hardline, dedicated internet connection so that you can support the maximum resolution available for your camera input.
Switch Greenroom takes you out of the particular channel, allowing you to browse for a new greenroom.
Sign out will take you further backwards to the login screen. This is useful for shared computers, or if a new producer will be using your machine.