How to: Use the Producer Dashboard

The intuitive producer dashboard keeps your Greenrooms organized.

The Producer Dashboard is your central hub for using Greenroom. In this article, we'll outline the basics of navigating the Producer Dashboard, walkthrough channels, and give a brief overview of how to copy a Greenroom.


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Navigating to the Producer Dashboard

Once you've been able to successfully login to Greenroom as a Producer, you will land on your Producer Dashboard (shown below). 

If you are logged into Custom Destination, your Producer Dashboard will include a + Create Show button in the upper right hand corner.

If you are logged into Brandlive Events, your Producer Dashboard will look the same as Custom Destination, but will not include a "+ Create Show" button. Greenrooms will populate in the Events Greenroom Producer Dashboard by creating events through the Events platform. 



Producer Dashboard: Channels

In your Producer Dashboard, on the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see all of the channels to which you have access. If you only have access to one channel, you'll see the thumbnail for that channel on the left-hand side of your screen.

Within a specific channel, you have access to a variety of controls. You'll also see three tabs on the left-hand side of your screen. These tabs are:

  • Shows: This tab displays on the right hand side of the screen "All Shows" and includes both Upcoming and Past. 
  • Teams: This tab shows the list of teammates that have access to this channel as Producers.
  • Settings: This tab only exists in the Custom Destination Greenroom Producer Dashboard, and  is where you can add/edit a channel icon as well as a channel title. Note that the Events Greenroom Producer Dashboard doesn't have a settings tab option, so you would need to set the logo via the admin settings in Brandlive Events. 


In the Producer Dashboard, the Shows tab is where Producers will spend more of their time. This tab features the next two shows that are coming up at the top of the screen.

They feature the options to "Join Greenroom" or "Set up show."

  • Join Greenroom: Selecting this option will place the Producer directly into the Greenroom.
  • Set up show: Selecting this option will take the Producer to a page where they can review the show info and settings.


From Info, a Producer can:

  • Preview the show's Showboard
  • Join the Greenroom
  • Invite Presenters & Viewers
  • Add Sessions to the schedule. (Learn more about Sessions in the article Adjusting Greenroom Settings). Sessions include:
    • Broadcast
    • Tech Check
    • Rehearsal
    • Recording 



From Settings, a Producer can:

  • Preview the Showboard
  • Join Greenroom
  • Set the Streaming Destination
  • Add a Streaming Destination
  • Select Advanced Settings



Producer Dashboard: Copying A Greenroom

From the Producer Dashboard, a Producer may copy the contents of one Greenroom to another newly created Greenroom.

Under Shows, the Producer will see a list of cards of Upcoming and Past Greenrooms. By clicking the ellipsis options menu, a Producer will be able to Edit, Copy or Delete a Greenroom. For a more in-depth understanding of this feature, head to our article Copying a Greenroom.