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Getting Started

First steps as a Producer

Sign in

Once you’ve entered your appropriate credentials, you’ll have access to one, or many different “channels” that you have been assigned to. Each channel you access will display associated “rooms” that represent a unique event at a designated time. There’s a search functionality to help narrow things down if your list is particularly large. 
Once you’ve located the room that you’ll be producing, take note at the time in the far left, and make sure the information is correct.
Click “Join & Set up” to enter and begin.

Set up

Starting at the top, you’ll see the name of the channel, as well as a countdown until the event goes live. Continuing right, the next bubble contains the session timer once things begin. The number next to the small eye indicates how many active participants are within your particular greenroom.
The large window on the left of the screen that says “Brandlive” will be your live feed. To your right, you’ve got 4 separate tabs to toggle, Feeds, Notes, Chat and Setting, alongside your personal account bubble which will discuss later.