Greenroom Version 1.2.4

Media Positioning on room entry -Since the introduction of the Media feature, anyone joining or refreshing the room while a video file is being played will see the video play from the beginning. Now, new users joining will see the correct video location as the rest of the room experiences.

Restored Presenter Live Counter

New Email Workflows & Rehearsal/Tech check scheduling - Within the "Setup" tab, under "Info" You are now able to schedule Tech Checks and Rehearsals.

Invite emails to the room now follow a new cadence. Upon a presenter's invite, they'll receive an email along with a calendar invite for any scheduled Rehearsals, Tech Checks as well the the event time. Additionally, they'll receive a subsequent email 30 minutes prior to any of those events as scheduled. If someone is invited as a presenter after any of those are scheduled, they'll receive any invite emails that they missed.

Bug Fixes

"Change Shot" button UI fix

Viewer vs Watcher Email UI fix

Producer Layout Preview fix

"Mute All" button states fix