Stream with Zoom

Zoom is an easy way to push a single or multi-presenter video directly to your Brandlive event page. You can utilize Zoom Meeting to stream a standard Zoom meeting directly to Brandlive. In this case the meeting host can control the layout of the feed in one of 3 ways: 
  • Speaker view (the large frame dynamically adjusts to feature the individual who is currently speaking, and other speakers are displayed as thumbnails)
  • Gallery view (all speakers are the same size within the frame)
  • Pin a speaker (good for slide-based presentations, a single speaker or screenshare is given the large frame and the rest are displayed as thumbnails) 
Zoom Webinar can also be used to stream direct to Brandlive. Zoom Webinar gives a meeting host or producer extra control to compose layouts and decide who is on versus off camera at any given time.
In order to stream a Zoom Meeting or Webinar to Brandlive, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that the Admin for your Zoom organization has enabled "Custom Live Streaming Service" from the advanced settings section of Zoom. This will enable the live streaming option for all meeting hosts within the Zoom organization. It will appear in a Zoom meeting behind the "More" menu: 
  2. Locate the RTMP streaming credentials for your Brandlive channel in order to set up your Zoom streaming. Log into the Brandlive Admin Console and use the main menu to navigate to "Settings". On this page you will find your RTMP streaming address and Stream Key.
  3. In your Zoom, select the "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service" option from the More menu.
  4. A web page will open where you will input the streaming credentials you just collected from the Brandlive Admin console. Enter them as you see below:
  5. Hit "Go Live!" and your Zoom video feed will stream directly to Brandlive.

As your Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar streams, you will control all video elements directly within Zoom. This includes stopping the stream if you wish to end the broadcast.