Being a Remote Presenter

Setting Up Presenter 

Brandlive Presenter gives you the ability to remotely present to professional-quality events without being in the same location as a production team. Remote Presenter is an easy-to-use browser based program that works in tandem with the Brandlive Producer. If you’ve been invited to present for an event, follow the instructions below to access Presenter from your computer.

  1. When the Host creates an event, they will send you an invitation to your email address. Open the email and Click the Get Started button. Be sure to open this invitation in Google Chrome. Note: Remote Presenter only works on Google Chrome, it will not work in Firefox, IE11, Edge or Safari. Google Chrome is free and can be downloaded here
  2. Sign into Brandlive Presenter using the email address the invitation was sent to. Please note that if you do not have a Brandlive profile with that email address, you will need to create one to be given access to present at that event. See our article on Account Creation for questions regarding creating a profile.
  3. Once you have signed in, if you’ve been invited to more than one event, be sure to select the event that you recently invited to. Otherwise, you will be taken directly to the event.
  4. The browser will now ask you to verify that can have access to your computer’s microphone and camera. Click Allow to grant the browser access. Note: See Troubleshooting if you accidentally click Block.
  5. Once you see yourself in the preview, click Get Started

Camera & Audio Management 

Before entering into the event, you’ll want to double check your video and audio connection. Click the drop down under the video-camera-thin.png Video to select your desired camera choice as well as the mic-thin.png Audio to select the microphone choice. You can change these preferences from the Settings menu at a later time if change your mind or want to add an additional camera or microphone.  

Getting Started 

After you have made your video-camera-thin.png Video and mic-thin.png Audio selections, click Get Started at the bottom of the screen. 

If this is your first time using Presenter you will be guided through a brief on-boarding experience. Please follow the steps to learn about using Presenter.

Pro Tips: Position yourself (or subjects) within the red positioning lines as best you can. This is to ensure you are always in view. If dark side bars appear in your video preview (the video thumbnail to the bottom-right of the screen), this means the Host has put you in a portrait view. When this happens, be sure your subject(s) are within the visible view. 


To change the camera, microphone or speaker choice, hover over the bottom of the browser and click the gear.png Settings icon. 


To change the camera source, locate the video-camera-thin.png Camera drop-down. All available cameras are shown in this list. 

Pro Tip: For the highest quality video output, use an external camera instead of a built-in laptop/desktop camera. 


The microphone is a device that captures the audio from your voice or computer. To change the microphone source, locate the mic-thin.png Microphone drop-down. All available microphone selections will be shown in this list. 


The speaker is the device that allows you to listen to the other Presenters during the presentation. To change the speaker source, locate the sound.png Speaker drop-down. All available speaker selections will be shown in this list.


In the column to the right of the screen, you’ll see a list of all the current presenters and the Host (also known as the Producer). When the Host invites presenters and they become active participants, they will appear in this column. Invited presenters who are inactive will not be visible. 

A preview of your video will appear on the bottom of the presenters list. If dark side bars appear in your video preview, this means the Host has put you in a portrait view. Be sure to stay within these dark side bars to maintain visibility in the broadcast. 

Chat Messaging

Presenter Chat lets you send messages to the Host, the moderator, and other presenters. You may send a message to all participants, or direct messages to participants. 

When other participants send you a direct message you will receive a notification in the Presenter page. To see all messages, click the chat.png chat message icon in the upper right of the screen.


Room chat gives everyone (the presenters, the moderator and the producer) one place to hold a group chat during the event. All messages in this tab will be seen by everyone presenting, moderating, and producing the event. If you’d like to send a message to just one person, you’ll want to use the Direct Chat feature. 

Note: The Room chat feature is the only way a presenter can send messages to a moderator (and vice-versa).

Direct Chat 

Direct chat gives you the ability to talk directly with the other presenters and the producer in this event. To start a message, click on the chat message chat.png icon. A list of all presenters invited to present at this event will appear.


You have full control of your video and audio from the Settings menu. You may also share up to one screen at a time. To access the controls, move your mouse over the screen and they will appear from the bottom.

Turn Camera Off

You can hide your camera feed from the presentation by clicking the  video-camera-thin.png Turn Camera Off icon. Your name will still appear in the Presenters column without a camera source in the frame. While doing this, viewers can still hear you through your microphone. 

To turn your camera back on, simply click the camera  video-camera-off-thin.png  icon again. 

Turn Microphone Off

If you would like to mute your microphone, click the mic-thin.png Turn Microphone Off icon. This will effectively turn off all audio coming from your microphone source, and no one will be able to hear you.    

Note: When turning off your camera or microphone, this will be indicated by red ( video-camera-off-thin.png mic-muted.png)icons in the space where your video preview is, in the lower right corner. If both your camera and microphone are turned off, no one will be able to see or hear you.

Screen Share

To share your screen or an application during your presentation, click the screenshare.png Screen Share icon.

During your first use of screen share, you will be asked to add an extension to your browser. A pop-up titled “Extension Needed” will appear at the top of the browser screen. To add the extension, click Get Extension.  

After this initial extension addition, revisit the screenshare.png Screen Share icon.A pop-up titled, “Share your screen” will appear over the top of the Presenter. You can choose whether you’d like to share an application window, your entire screen, or just a Chrome tab. 

Pro-tip: It is helpful to have a second monitor on hand when you are conducting a screen-share. That way you have the ability to see the Presenter browser on one screen and the material you are presenting on another. To stop screen sharing, locate your preview video thumbnail in the bottom-right corner. Click the button called Stop Sharing to stop your screen share.

Leaving the Event

When the event is over or the time has come for you leave the event, move your cursor over the bottom of the browser and click the Leave Event button to the right side. If there is time remaining on the event, you may be asked to verify that you want to leave the event. 

If you accidentally leave the event, simply click the Back to Events button to go back into the event. 

System Requirements & Limitations

At this time, the Remote Presenter will only work on Google Chrome. All versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari are not supported at this time. 

See here for questions on the System Requirements for Producer. 


What if I accidentally clicked “Block” instead of “Allow” during set-up?

You will want to set both Camera and Microphone to “Allow”. To do this, you can alter your settings right from the browser bar or through Chrome’s settings feature. 

Browser Bar:

  1. Locate the top of the browser, where you see the URL \
  2. Just to the left of the URL will be a lock icon. 
  3. Click the lock icon and a screen will pop-up that looks like the one below: 
  4. Select the dropdown menus next to Camera and Microphone. Select the Allow option for both Camera and Microphone. 
  5. After selecting Allow, click outside of that pop-up. 
  6. You will be prompted to reload the webpage. Please click the Reload button. 
  7. You will be taken back to the list of the events you are invited to present in. Click the event you wish to enter. 
  8. Now you will see a video preview. Click Enter Event to enter into the event room. 

In Chrome’s Settings:

  1. With Chrome open, click the menu at the top right
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down the page and open the Advanced link.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy and security section and choose Content settings.
  5. Choose either Camera or Microphone to access either setting.
  6. Go back to Presenter. Click the reload button.
  7. Click here for further details. 

I plugged a camera in after I had Presenter open. Now it’s not identifying (finding) the camera. What should I do?

If you had Remote Presenter open before you plugged in your camera, simply shut down and reopen Google Chrome. Do not unplug your camera from your computer. 

Pro-Tip: Copy the URL before shutting down the browser in case Chrome does not remember the tabs you had open. 

I am in Chrome but I can’t conduct a screen share. 

Some network firewalls block window, desktop, and tab capture. If you’re unable to share your screen even with the Chrome extension, check with your IT department to see if their network is preventing screen sharing. Otherwise, a simple restart of your computer may do the trick.

I think I am being blocked by a Firewall. What can I do?

Please contact your IT department to add the following firewall requirements: 

Open TCP ports: 






5866 to 5890





Open UDP ports:


10000 to 65535

Whitelist domain:```

I seem to be having issues in Firefox/IE11/Edge/Safari. What can I do?

Please download Google Chrome for the use of Remote Presenter. All other browsers are not supported at this time.