Courses and Live Lessons

In additional to on-demand video, Brandlive now offers a live and recorded video as an an option for interactive learning. Learn how to Create a Course then follow the instructions below to broadcast a live video to a lesson. To inquire about adding courses to your service, inquire with your Customer Success Manager about upgrading your account. 

Getting Set Up 

Locate the course you wish to broadcast to on the Courses page. Select Edit from the three-dot drop down menu (web-ellipses.svg). A list of lessons will appear at the top of the Edit Course page. Select the lesson in which you'd like to broadcast a live video to. The lesson boarder will turn blue. 

Just like an event, you need to designate the date and time you are going to be broadcast live to the lesson. To do so, locate the Video Options box, just below the Lesson Title. Activate the Broadcast toggle, by clicking to show as blue. Next, input the date and time you plan to broadcast to this lesson. 

Click Save Course in the top right hand corner of the screen to save your changes. This will take you to the Course Overview page.


When you have activated the Broadcast setting inside the lesson (see Getting Set Up article above), a three-dot drop-down menu (web-ellipses.svg) will appear next to the name of the lesson on the Course Overview page. Click the menu button (web-ellipses.svg) and select web-logo-new.svg Broadcast. 

To learn more about browser-based broadcasting, see our article on Broadcasting


Brandlive’s moderation tool allows you to have full control over the comments or questions the presenter and the users see, whether your video is live or pre-recorded. To get to the moderation tool, locate the three-dot drop-down menu (web-ellipses.svg) next to the lesson name on the Course Overview page. Click the menu button and select web-moderate.svg Moderate.

To learn how to use moderation tool, see our section Moderation.