Using Libraries

Using Libraries as Home Page

For each channel you have in Brandlive, a URL will be assigned for that channel. For example You can choose to have this URL load any of your Library pages as a “home” page.

To do this, go to the Libraries page in the admin console. From the Libraries list, locate which library you want to use as your homepage. Click on the menu icon (web-ellipses.svg) in the upper right corner of the box. Click Set as Home Page.

You will know your library is set as your homepage when you see a notification in the bottom right of the library box. Click the information icon web-info.svg to reveal your clickable URL to open the home page.

If you would like to remove a library from being your home page, click on the menu icon (web-ellipses.svg) in the upper right corner of the library box you previously set as your homepage. Click Remove as Home Page.

Targeting Libraries to Audiences

Just like Events and Courses, you can associate you library pages with any of your audiences. To learn more about creating audiences, visit Creating Audiences.

To target a library to an audience:

  1. Find your library on the Libraries page.
  2. Click the menu button (three dots) in the upper right of the box to show the menu. Then click Edit to access the visual library editor.
  3. Now click the Settings button at the top right of the library page. Scroll down the bottom section called Require Profile Sign-in.
  4. Toggle on Require Sign-in. Doing this will show a list of audiences you have previously created.
  5. Select audiences you would like to share this library with.
  6. Click the green Save button at the top right of the screen when you are done.