Incentives give you a way to reward participants who take a particular course or set of courses. This is frequently used to motivate employees and retail partners to complete courses you assign them by giving them a discount code or a certificate for their participation.

In order to create an incentive, you will need to be in the Courses section of the Admin Console, which you can get to from the main menu web-menu.svg in the upper left. Courses are only available if Brandlive’s Video Learning Platform has been activated as part of your subscription.

Add Incentive

From the Admin Console, click on the main menu icon web-menu.svg in the upper left-hand corner. Find the Courses link and click on it.

Below the All Course Activity chart, click the Incentives button. This will take you to the Course Incentives page, where you will see a list of all incentives you’ve created.

To create an Incentive, click the blue Add Incentive button in the top right corner. This will open a form where you will need to fill out most of the fields in order to create the incentive:

Incentive Details

Incentive Name - Enter a name for the incentive.

Describe this incentive (admin use only) - Enter a description of the incentive. This is for management purposes and will only be seen by the admin, not by the user.

Select Courses - Choose the course with which you’d like the Incentive to be associated. Note: If multiple courses are selected, the user will have to complete all courses to receive the incentive.

Limit by Audience - If a course has multiple audiences, you can choose specific audiences in the course to receive the incentive.

  1. To limit the incentive to specific audiences in the course, toggle on Limit by Audience. If there are audiences associated with the selected course, they will appear.
    • If you selected at least one course in the previous step, then at least one audience should appear here. If you have not assigned an audience with your selected course, you will need to edit the course and assign an audience. See Course Details, People and Settings Bar for more information.
  2. Select audience(s) eligible for the incentive.


Reward Message

This message is seen when users complete a course with this incentive. The incentive will appear under the course name on the Courses page in Brandlive Home.

Reward Type

There are two types of rewards the course admin can use: Certificate or Code.

  • Certificate - Upload a certificate (in PDF format) that the user can download. They will have access to this file upon passing the course. You can also create a custom certificate that will say their name, incentive title and date on it, upload a PDF with custom text fields incentive_title, name, and/or date in it. Next, activate the Custom Certificate section by clicking to show as green.
  • Code - This is a promo-code that the viewer can use at the customer’s e-commerce store or other places. See Adding Codes to learn how to add codes to the account. In this section, you can add a note to the user about how to use the code they receive.

Enabling Verification

You can ensure that only intended users receive the Incentive. By toggling on Verification Required, you are requiring that someone verifies each incentive before the user receives it. Complete the following sections:

Your email address

This is the email address of the admin person who will verify users to receive the Incentive.

Verification message to users

This is the message the user will receive when they pass the lesson—instead of receiving the Incentive.

Example: “Thanks, you’re almost there! We just need to confirm your email. Please enter your email address.”

Additional Identification

You can require further verification (like proof of employment), by toggling on Additional Identification. This will show an upload field for the user when they go to collect their incentive. If you choose this, include a clear message in the “Verification Message to Users” field so they understand what’s required of them.

Example: “Thanks, you’re almost there! We just need to confirm your employment with us. Please upload an image of your employee badge.”

Note for Levels of verification:

  • If Verification Required is not activated, the user will immediately receive the course incentive when it is successfully completed.
  • If Verification Required is activated but Additional Identification is not, a course admin will receive an email stating that a specific user has completed the course, where they will have the option to approve the incentive.
  • If both Verification Required and Additional Identification is activated, the course admin will receive an email. The email will state that a specific user has completed the course, and include an attachment with the required additional identification. In addition, the admin will have the option to approve the incentive.

Whitelisted Domains - If you’d like users of a specific email domain to skip the verification process but you’d like others to keep out, you can whitelist select email domains to the list below.

When you’re finished configuring the incentive, click the Create Incentive button. If you selected “Code” as a Reward Type, then the next step is to add codes.

Editing Incentives

To edit an existing incentive, locate the incentive on the incentive page. Click the menu (three dots) for a drop down containing the following:

  • Edit - Click to edit the information in your incentive.
  • Users - Click to view a list of everyone who has earned this incentive. Here is where you can verify incentivesview files or check for new users.
  • Redemption Codes - Click here to manage your redemption codes attached to this incentive. See Adding Codes for a complete step by step on how to add codes.
  • Delete - Click here to delete this incentive.

Adding Codes

Once you have created an Incentive, it will be added to the list of incentive. To add/edit codes in an Incentive, find the incentive you wish to associate codes with. Click on the menu icon (three dots) next to the name of the Incentive, then choose Redemption Codes.

This will open up a screen titled “Manage Redemption Codes”. From here you can upload multiple codes at once, or just add one at a time.

Adding Multiple:  If you choose to upload multiple codes at once, make sure each code is on a separate line in the spreadsheet.

Tip: You can create a .csv file by changing the file type when you “Save as” an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: Each code can only be used once. You need to supply the exact number (or more) of codes you wish to give out to your users.  Each code will be checked off after each time it is received. If there are not enough codes when viewers earn the incentive, we cannot retroactively assign codes to users. Subsequently, it would be up to the brand administrator to communicate the code. 

Once completed, exit the Manage Redemption Codes window by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner. Your work will be automatically saved.

Redeeming Incentives (for end-users)

Once a user completes a course that includes an incentive, their award status could be displayed in a few ways. They will see a green bar with a message at the top of the course screen. The message will either prompt users to upload additional identification (if required), or to redeem their incentive.

On the “Courses” page in Brandlive Home, a gift icon will appear below the course description denoting which incentive was received. If the user clicks this, they will either be prompted to upload additional identification (if required) to redeem their incentive.

Finally, if you choose to verify each user’s incentive, the user will receive an email notification once they have been verified.

Check for New Users

You can check to see if any users have already earned the incentive by clicking the Check for New Users button located on the page called 'Who's earned this incentive.'

To get to this page, locate the incentive on the incentive page. Select the three bar menu icon web-ellipses.svg to the left of the incentive name. Click Users in the drop-down menu. Once on the Users page (called 'Who's earned this incentive'), you will see a button on the top-right hand side of the screen called Check for New Users. Click this button to see if any existing users qualify for this incentive. 

If any users already qualify for this incentive (by completing the course(s) before you created the incentive(s)), you will get a notification in a pop-up window that will state how many users are eligible for this incentive (but have not been given it yet). If you would like to add them to the list of users whom will receive the incentive, click the button Add Users. If not, simply click Cancel.

Please note that this process doesn't verify the incentive if you have verification turned on. You will still need to verify each user individually. 

Verifying Incentives

Email Notifications

If you have chosen to verify each incentive, you will receive an email notification about their achievement. This will guide you to the incentives. From here, you can approve a single verification or multiple. Just follow the link.  

To allow multiple people to get notifications to verify incentives, simply separate each email with a comma in the bar called, 'You email address(es).'

Verifying Incentives

Alternatively, locate the incentive on the incentive page. Click the three-dot menu icon for a drop-down and click Users.

This will bring you to a window that will have a list of users who have earned an incentive. It will show their status, user upload, first name, last name, email address, promo code, the time and date they earned their incentive, and the time and date in which that incentive was approved.

To Verify an incentive, click Verify located under the Status column.

If you’d like to view their file before verifying, click View File in the User Upload column.