If Brandlive’s Video Learning Platform has been activated with your license, you will be able to create courses and lessons for your audiences. A lesson is similar in appearance to an event but tailored for training employees and retail partners. However, lessons are not themeable at this time. A course contains at least one or more lessons.

To get started with creating a course, click on the main menu web-menu.svg icon in the upper left corner. Find the Courses link and click on it.

Select the orange Create Course button located at the top right hand of the screen.

Next, give your course a name. It’s best to keep the name short and memorable. Don’t worry though, you can always change this information later.

Click Get Started to begin creating your event page.

Course Details, People, and Settings

At the top of the course creation page, you’ll see the title and description of the course. When you initially created the course, we populated these fields for you. However, you can change either of this information from here.


The trick with creating a course is that they aren’t visible until you associate at least one or more audiences with it. The viewers in an audience are the ones who will have access to this course, and they will be able to access it from the Course tab in the Brandlive account.

To assign a course, click the People button to see a list of all your audiences. If you have already created an audience, you will be able to select it from this list. You can select however many audiences you would like to view this course.

To learn more about creating audiences, visit Creating an Audience.


By visiting settings, you will learn you have more control over the course you are creating. You can guide users through a predetermined learning experience.

Ordered Lessons

You can choose to make users complete each lesson in the order that you arrange them, by toggling on Turn on ordered lessons.


If this course is part of a series of courses, you can require users complete other courses before being able to access the one you’re creating. By toggling on a course in Prerequisite Courses, users will be required to complete that course before this one is accessed.

Completion Notifications

If you, or anyone else, would like to receive notifications as users complete this course, enter the email address of the person who will receive completion notifications.

Customizing a Course URL

When you create a course, a URL (what is a URL, you ask?) is automatically created based on the name of the course. For example, if the course name is, "Software and Service Education" then the URL will read, https://home.brand.live/yourcompanyname/course/software-and-service-education.

Brandlive now offers the ability to customize this URL. This is helpful in the instance the course name is too long, contains characters, or you simply don’t like what has been auto-generated.

To edit this URL, locate the Edit Course page for the particular course. Just below the Course Title bar, located at the top-left of the page, you will see a URL that starts with https://home.brand.live/yourcompanyname/course/.You'll notice that this part of the URL can’t be changed and is slightly greyed out. White text, located to the right of this, indicates the part of the URL to edit. Simply click on the white text and type in the desired changes. 

There are some limitations to editing URLs:

  • No Spaces
  • No Characters
  • A URL can only be used once

When a URL is auto-created from the course name, any spaces or characters (comma, parentheses, periods, etc.) will automatically be changed to dashes. For example, "Sarah's Course" will read, https://home.brand.live/yourcompanyname/course/sarah-s-course.

When you edit the URL, you'll notice it won't allow you to type in a character or space between words. Instead, you can use the dash marks to your advantage. For example, for a course titled "ABC's Fourth Quarter Sales Training" the URL could read https://home.brand.live/yourcompanyname/course/fouth-quarter-sales-training since you know the course URL will have your company's name in it already ("yourcompanyname" indicates the name of your company). It is also best practice not to squeeze all the words together. For example, you wouldn't want to say https://home.brand.live/yourcompanyname/course/fouthquartersalestraining because it might be hard to read for some users.

If the URL is unique and available, a green checkmark web-checkbox.svg will appear to the right of the URL. If a URL is already taken, a small orange symbol web-ban.svg will appear to the right of the URL.

For existing courses, a course number has been assigned to each course, instead of using the course title name to generate a URL. You can edit the URL the same way as described above and any users will automatically be redirected to the new URL.

Adding Lessons

Lessons Toolbar

To add a new lesson, simply click Add Lesson. This will create a new lesson after previously created lessons. You can reorder lessons by simply dragging around each lesson into the appropriate left-to-right order.

Editing Lessons

To edit a lesson, make sure you select the lesson which you would like to edit from the Lessons toolbar. The lesson being edited will be indicated by a blue border.

This page is designed to emulate the published view of the event page. This means, where you add content to the page is where you will see the content appear on the published page.

Start by naming the lesson. Keep it short and descriptive. Add a name to Lesson Title.

If you’d like to copy the content from a previous event you’ve created, select Copy Content From Event button located just to the right of the Lesson Title input. This will generate a drop down of all events for you to choose from.

Removing Lessons

To remove a lesson, make sure you have the intended lesson selected in the lessons toolbar. Next, scroll to the bottom of the lesson page and click Remove Lesson.

Copying Lessons

To copy a lesson, you will want to first add a lesson to the course by clicking Add Lesson. This will create a new empty lesson and a placeholder for you to copy an existing lesson into.

Next, locate & click the Copy from Lesson drop-down button, located to the far-right of the Lesson Title bar. A list of all previously created lessons will become visible, listed out alphabetically by course name first, followed by the lesson name. Click on the lesson you wish to copy into this new lesson placeholder.

After you select a lesson to copy, you will be asked if you’d like to, “Copy previous completions?” This is asking whether you would like to copy just the content or copy the content along with existing user data and metrics associated with this particular lesson.

By selecting yes, all users who have previously completed this lesson will continue to show as completed this [copy of the] lesson, meaning any user who previously passed this lesson, will not have to retake it in this new course. This also means that you are copying the metrics from those user’s activity into this new lesson.

It should be noted that if you select yes, you will need to add the same audiences to this course that were associated with the lesson you copied. To do this, locate the People button at the top-right of the page. Select the desired audience(s) and click ‘Save’ when done.

By selecting no, you are only copying the content of the lesson without any user history. This will essentially be a brand-new lesson, with no prior user completions.

Whether you select yes or no, all existing content will be copied into this lesson – the video option, any descriptions, the quiz, products and the slideshow. Comments, People, & Settings, however, will not be copied into this lesson.

Copying Event Content

To copy content from an event, you will want to first add a lesson to the course by clicking Add Lesson. This will create a new empty lesson and a placeholder for you to copy an existing lesson into.

Next, locate & click the Copy from Event drop-down button, located to the far-right of the Lesson Title bar. A list of all previously created events will become visible, listed alphabetically. Click on the event you wish to copy into this new lesson placeholder.

All existing content will be copied into this lesson from the event – the video option, any descriptions, the quiz, products and the slideshow. Comments, People, & Settings, however, will not be copied into this lesson

Video Options

Brandlive supports both live and on-demand video. To add a on-demand video to your lesson, select the Pre-recorded toggle to show as blue. Next, click on the Select a Pre-recorded Video box. From there you will see a list of previously uploaded videos, recorded broadcast videos, or the option to embed a video.

For videos that are already uploaded or recorded, you can preview the video by click on the play button when you hover over the video thumbnail.

To add an uploaded or pre-recorded video, simply check the box in the upper left of the thumbnail, then click Save Video. The video will be added to your lesson

To upload a new video, click the Upload Video option to get a new dialog where you can give it a title and upload a video file from your computer. If the video was recorded with a 360 camera, toggle on the This is a 360 video option. Click Save Video to upload it, then click Save Video again in the original window.

You can also paste in a video embed code from third parties such as Youtube or Vimeo. Select the Embed Video tab, paste the video embed code, and click Save Video.

To broadcast a live video to your lesson, please see our article Live Lessons.

Additional Content


This is the primary description of the lesson. Some customers like to include the duration of the video here to inform their audience. Others describe the lesson or give directions on how they would like the user to take the lesson.

Turn on Comments

By default, commenting is turned off for new lessons. If your lesson lends itself to audience commenting, toggle the option on.

Add Quiz

If you would like to test your users on the content of the video, the option to select a quiz is found here. Click on Add Quiz to get started. From the new Add Quiz pop up screen, you can use the toolbar to search for an existing quiz, select one from the generated list, or create a new quiz. If you choose not to include a quiz, a default quiz will be added to trigger lesson completion. 

To learn about creating a quiz, see the Quizzes topic in the Content Manager article.

Additional Description

This option is just like the first Description field, only it will appear just below the video.

Add Product

Adding products to your lessons is a great way to showcase the products you are training your employees on. From here you can include a link that will take them directly to the product website, include current pricing, sale prices and important details you want to be highlighted about the product.

Just like adding products to an event, start by clicking Add Products. From here you can use the toolbar for existing products, select a product from the generated list, or click New Product.

To learn about creating new products, visit Products in the Content Manager.

Add Slideshow

Adding slideshows to your lessons lets you supplement information that is being conveyed in the video. Just like adding slideshows to an event, start by clicking Add Slideshow. From here you can use the toolbar for existing slideshows, select a slideshow from the generated list, or click New Slideshow.

To learn about creating new slideshows, visit the Slideshows topic in the Content Manager article.


Saving the Lesson and Course

You can save a lesson at any time by clicking the blue Save Lesson button at the very bottom of the lesson editor screen.

To save all changes to your course, click the Save Course button at the top of the screen. Doing this will exit the course editor and take you to the Course Overview screen.


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