Browser-based Broadcasting

* Browser-based Broadcasting is our legacy broadcasting option. Please download the Brandlive Producer for a modern, professional-quality, and easy to use broadcasting tool.*

Accessing the Broadcaster

In addition to broadcasting via the Brandlive Producer, Wirecast and the Brandlive mobile app, you can also broadcast directly from your web browser using your onboard webcam. Note: if you do not have a webcam or built-in camera you cannot broadcast from your computer.

To broadcast to an event using your browser, first locate the event on the Events page in the main web-menu.svg menu of the Admin Console. To broadcast to a lesson, see Live Lessons for instructions. 

Click the menu icon (web-ellipses.svg) next to the event name. Then select Broadcast. This will take you to the browser-based broadcasting screen.

In the broadcasting screen, you’ll see the name of your event on the upper left. Verify this is indeed the event you want to broadcast to.


Below the name of your event or lesson, is (most likely) a large blank space. When you broadcast, this is where you will see comments submitted by the viewers. This allows you to answer questions or address comments verbally during the broadcast. When a viewer submits a comment, it will populate in the blank space like this:

To the top right side of the page, you have the option to turn off these comments. Simply active the Sent to Presenter Message Filter by clicking it to show blue. Doing this will only show comments that are delegated to you from the Moderator. See Send to Presenter in the Moderation article for more info.


If a slideshow was configured on the event or lesson page, you will see it appear just below Sent to Presenter Filter. You can manage which slideshow your viewers see by clicking Previous or Next or alternatively selecting the slide number just below the image. Doing this will automatically advance the slides for viewers, and they will not be able to advance on their own.


Most of the right column in this screen is dedicated to the broadcasting video view. The video you see here is a preview of the video that the viewers will see, as well as actions to Start Broadcast, Start Recording and other the video options.

Note: You must have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer and enabled in your browser. You can download Flash Player here.

Start Broadcast - By activating Start Broadcast, you will not only be recording the event or lesson to your Brandlive channel, but also be going live on the event page.

Start Recording - By activating Start Recording, the video will be recorded and saved to Ustream.

Note: If you choose to go live with your broadcast through the Start Broadcast button, it is best practice to also select Start Recording as well.

Broadcast Options

Quality - Adjust the quality output of the video stream. See the video preview for immediate results.

Volume - Adjust the volume output of the video stream.

Video - Turn the video on and off by activating or deactivating the on/off switch. Note: If you are using a camera attachment other than the camera on your computer, change the camera input by clicking FaceTime HD Camera and selecting an alternative from the drop-down.

Resolution - Pick a low, medium or high-resolution output.

Ratio - Pick how square or wide you’d like the video image to be.

Audio - Turn the volume on and off by activating or deactivating the on/off switch. Select which microphone you would like the audio to come from. You can change microphones by selecting Default - Built-in Microphone and choosing an alternative from the drop-down.

Finishing Up

When you’re finished broadcasting click the Stop Recording button, followed by the Stop Broadcasting button. This will kill the broadcast.

The video will be available in the Content Manager of the Admin Console. Or, if you’d like to display the recording of the broadcast on the event or lesson page, you can do so by editing the event and selecting the video in the archive. See Post Event for best practices.


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