Navigating the Admin

Menu Options

To access the Admin Console’s main menu, click the menu web-menu.svg icon in the upper left corner. This menu provides easy access to managing all of your Brandlive content and experiences.

Dashboard - Homepage of the Admin Console showing consolidated metrics and recent events.

calendar.png Events - Lists all your events at a glance. From here you can view, moderate, broadcast, and manage all your events.

folder.png Libraries - If you’ve created libraries, you can view and manage them from here.

presenters-thin.png People - A list of all the users who have registered for your events. Additionally, you can access your Audiences from here.

learn.png Courses - If you have upgraded your Brandlive license to include Brandlive’s Video Learning Platform (VLP), you can view and manage your courses from here. Note that lessons are created within a course.

layer.png Content Manager - All of the content from your Brandlive events and lessons are stored here. You can quickly create and manage products, slideshows, videos, quizzes and themes from the Content Manager.

effects.png Event Themes - Create and search for existing page themes for events. To learn more about theming your event, see our article in Creating Events.

gear.png Settings - Displays the primary contact information for your account. Additionally, primary account holders can manage and add administrators to their account, as well as managing any integrations you leverage for your channel.

gift.png What’s New - Shows updates made to Brandlive’s Admin Console since you last logged in.

help.png Support - Quick reference to all avenues of Brandlive support.

To close this menu, simply click the 'X' in the upper left, or click outside of the menu.

Multiple Channels

For customers with more than one channel, you will see the name of your current channel at the top of the menu, next to the close ('X') button. Click the name of your current channel to show a secondary menu. From there you can click on any other channel name to switch channels. Doing this will load in all the content, events, libraries, audiences, and courses (if applicable) for that channel.

Keep in mind, when you sign into a different channel, you will managing content only for that channel.

Creating Brandlive Experiences

Brandlive’s visual creation tools make developing an online experience a snap. To create Brandlive experiences or audiences, select the arrow next to “Create Event” in the upper right of the dashboard to reveal a list of items you can create.

calendar.png Event - A live or pre-recorded event is hosted on an event page. The Create Event tool is a visual webpage builder that steps you through the simple process of creating your event page.

presenters-thin.png Audience - An audience is a group of people (also called members) that meet specific criteria of your choosing. When you click the Create Audience tool you can either upload a list of people to create an audience or use Brandlive’s audience filters to build an audience from your registered user list.

folder.png Library - Libraries are a convenient way to organize your events. You can create a private library by associating an audience with it and only allowing audience member access, or you can create a public library with no audience restrictions.

learn.png Course - If you have upgraded your Brandlive license to include Brandlive’s Video Learning Platform (VLP), the create drop-down menu will also show a Create Course tool. Courses provide a dedicated learning environment for audiences and offer a number of metrics not available with libraries and events.


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