Welcome to Brandlive!

As a customer of Brandlive, you get access to the Admin Console where you can administer all of your live video experiences. In addition, you get broadcasting tools, a mobile presence, and a wealth of analytics tools that will help you take your brand to the next level.

Signing In

The Admin Console is home for all of your Brandlive tools. You can access it by signing in at the http://brand.live, or from the upper right corner of this page.

When you became a customer you should have received an email with instructions on how to set a password for your account. After you do this you will be directed to the Admin Console.

When you sign back in at a later date, the page you sign in at is dual purpose for customers of Brandlive and viewers of Brandlive content. So don’t be alarmed by the ability to create an account or sign in with social media platforms, those methods are for viewers of Brandlive content only.

The first time you sign in you will be directed through a short onboarding process that outlines the features of the Admin Console.

The Dashboard

Once you’ve signed in and completed onboarding, you will begin on the Dashboard page. The first time you arrive here you will most likely see an empty page with messages that say “There is no activity yet” and “You have no upcoming events”. If this is the case, then it’s best to get started with creating your first event. Visit Create an Event to learn more.

Once you start creating events and going live, or if your channel already has event activity, then the Dashboard will come to life with rich content and metrics.

From there you will see an overview of your channel and performance metrics. You can manage all your upcoming events and monitor recent event activity. And, you have quick access to all the ways to navigate the Admin Console, create new Brandlive experiences, and managing your account.

Metrics Overview

Near the top of the Dashboard page, you’ll see a snapshot of performance metrics from all of your events within your channel. 

  • Total Events - The total number of events in your channel including the number of upcoming events.
  • Visits - The total number of visits you’ve ever had on all of your events. This also includes the number of those which were unique visitors.
  • Registrations - The total number of registrations you’ve had for all your events, including the number of unique registrants.
  • Video Views - The total number of people who viewed your videos, live or pre-recorded. This also includes the number of live views.
  • Device Usage - A quick glance at which devices your viewers are using to engage with your content.

You can view more details metrics on a per-event basis by visiting the Event Overview screen. See Event Overview and Metrics for more information.

Upcoming Events

Just below the metrics overview is a list of your upcoming and most recently aired events (“previous events”). However, this is a consolidated list of your events. You can see all your events by clicking the See All Events button.

For each event in this list, you’ll see a menu button (three dots) of quick links to the left of the Event title. This menu takes you to the various actions associated with events.

For more information on managing your events, visit the Managing Events article.

Recent Event Activity

To the right of the Upcoming events column, is a high-level summary of your most recent event’s performance. If an event is currently live, the metrics for the on-air broadcast are displayed in real-time. Otherwise, if the event was “Previously Live”, then it will show you the final metrics for that event.

Global Toolbar

At the very top of the Admin Console, on every page, is the global toolbar. From here you can create Brandlive pages, manage your account, and navigate throughout the Admin Console as well as other parts of the Brandlive platform.

Main Menu

On the far left side of the menu bar is the main menu button, which appears as three bars. This is your primary way to navigate the admin console.

Clicking the button will open the menu, giving you access to your events, libraries, people, courses (if Video Learning Platform is activated), the content manager, as well as support, updates, and settings. Additionally, if you have more than one channel with Brandlive, you can quickly switch between them from the main menu.

Create Menu

On the right side of the header, you will see an orange Create Event button, with an arrow next to it. Clicking Create Event will take you to the visual event editor experience. This button will change context depending on the page you are on in the Admin Console. For example, if you are on the Libraries page the button will read Create Library.

Clicking the arrow next to the orange button will give you all the options of what you can create in Brandlive: Event, Audiences, Library, Course.

User Menu (avatar)

Next, to the create menu, you will see a circular avatar, which is usually your profile picture. However, if you have not set a profile picture yet, then it will show your initials in a colored circle instead.

Clicking your avatar will give you access to the various parts of the Brandlive platform, including Brandlive Home, Admin Console, My Account, and SupportTo learn more about these menus, visit the next article, Navigating the Admin.


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