Your Mobile Content

My Content Tab

As you explore the app, you may want to revisit your favorite content later. This is where the My Content tab comes in handy. Any event or library you view or register for, as well as products you save from events, will appear under My Content.

Tap the My Content mobile-content.svg icon from the main tab bar. This screen will display a secondary tab bar for events, libraries, and products. By default, you will land on Events.


The events section shows all of the events you’ve registered for. They will be ordered by upcoming events, followed by past events.

If you’d like to sort through this list of events, click on the “Registered” button near the top of the events section. Tap the button or icon mobile-menu.svg to show the sorting options:

  • Registered: All upcoming and previous events you’ve registered for.
  • By Brand: Events that you’ve registered for, visited or favorited, sorted by brand name in alphabetical order.
  • Invitations: Events you’ve been invited to or are in an audience for.
  • Favorites: Events you’ve favorited by tapping “Favorite” on the event view. (Swipe left to remove the event from your favorites list.)
  • Browsing History: Events you’ve previously viewed.


Like events, Libraries have a sort button near the top. By default, we will show all the libraries you’ve visited or favorited. Tap the button near the top to reveal the sorting options:

  • All: All libraries you’ve visited or favorited.
  • By Brand: Libraries you’ve visited or favorited, sorted by brand name in alphabetical order.
  • Favorites: Libraries you’ve favorited by tapping “Favorite” on the library page.
  • History: Libraries you’ve visited.


When viewing an event with a product from the mobile app, you have the option to save the product for later viewing. To do this, tap the “Save for Later” button on the product page. All products you’ve saved will appear under the Products tab of My Content.

You may also use this tab to search for products you’ve saved. The search field appears in the same place as the filter buttons from the Events and Libraries tabs. As you type, the results will appear in real time.

You can also filter products by Newest, Price Low to High, and Price High to Low. Tap the sort button mobile-menu.svg to the right of the search field to reveal these options.


If a brand assigns you a course, it will appear under the Courses tab mobile-learn.svg in the main tab bar. You will be notified any time a new course is assigned to you. These notifications will appear on the Notifications screen from the bell icon [icon-bell] in the upper left corner of the app.

Taking courses via mobile is nearly identical to taking courses from a web browser. Please visit Taking Courses to learn more about courses. Any differences for the mobile experience are highlighted in this article.


Visit the Account mobile-account.svg tab to view and edit your profile, manage notification settings, and invite friends to Brandlive.

If you’re a brand administrator, this is where you will go to do a live broadcast from the mobile app.

Profile Overview

To view your profile, tap the blue area at the top of the Account tab, which contains your avatar, name, and email. This is also what other Brandlive users will see when viewing your profile, along with a button they can click to connect with you.

Your profile overview includes your basic information and friend connections. If you have more than four friend connections, you can see the full list by tapping the “+” number to the right of your connections.

To remove a connection from this list, tap the “Connected” button to the right of the user you want to remove. A dialog will appear, allowing you to remove the connection.

Edit Profile

In the upper right corner of your profile overview, tap the “Edit” button if you wish to change any of your account information:

  • Avatar (tap the blue ‘edit’ icon to change your profile picture)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Location
  • Registration info
  • Password

This is the same information you can edit from the My Account page, which we covered in the Account Management section of the Brandlive Home article.

At this time, you are not able to change your email address. That option will be available soon.

When you’re done editing your profile, tap the “Save” button in the upper right corner.

Notification Settings

You have the option to manage the content and interactions that you are notified about. Tap the switch to the right of any notification, and we will automatically save the setting for you.

Invite Friends to Brandlive

Tap “Invite Friends to Brandlive” to send an invite to multiple friends at once. Type in an email address and tap the plus mobile-add.svg icon to add each person to the list. When you’re finished adding friends, tap “Send Invite”. Your friends will be sent an email that says you’ve invited them to join Brandlive, along with instructions on how to sign up.

Help Center

The Help Center is living documentation for all software support needs of Brandlive users and brand administrators (you're using it right now!). Here, you find can things such as how-to's, troubleshooting, all things production, login and registration instructions, and so much more. Just tap Help Center to launch in-app self-help.

Brand Administrator Options

Brand administrators will have a couple of additional options on the Account page:

My Channel

Just below the profile row on the Account tab, you’ll see an “My Channel” label. This verifies which channel you’re associated with. For administrators with more than one brand channel, tap this label to show a list of all of your channels. To switch to a different channel, simply tap on the other channel name.

The name that you see on the “My Channel” label is the channel you can broadcast in the mobile app.

Note: Be sure to double check you are on the intended channel before broadcasting.

Broadcast to Event

To learn about broadcasting on mobile, visit the Mobile Broadcasting article in the Customer Administration section of the Help Center.