Courses Overview

Brandlive has a built-in Video Learning Platform. At Brandlive, this feature is referred to as “Courses”. Brands use Courses to educate employees and retail partners on their products, services, and policies.

Much like events and libraries, courses are targeted toward specific audiences that brands curate based on metrics, behavior, and email lists. Courses are not publicly discoverable since they are used for internal training, and therefore are always assigned to an audience.

When you’re assigned a course, you may be notified in a couple of different ways. A brand administrator can email the audience directly, or if you have the mobile app installed, you may receive a push notification.

All courses assigned to you will appear in the Courses section of your Brandlive account. To navigate there, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of an event or library page. This will bring down the user navigation menu. Click “Brandlive Home” to access your Brandlive account and the Courses section.

From the mobile app, tap the Courses web-learn.svg tab to view your list of courses. Tapping on a course notification you receive will also take you directly to the course.

Starting a Course

Inside the Courses section, you will see a list of all courses that have been assigned to you, categorized by brand channel. At the top of the page is the progress bar, which shows how much progress you’ve made in completing your assigned courses. The progress bar will move if a new course is assigned to you, or once you’ve completed a course.

To take a course using a web browser, click the “Start” button next to the course name. This will take you to the first lesson of the course.

From the mobile app, tap the name of the course to get started. You’ll be taken to the Course Overview screen, where you will see a list of lessons along with their statuses (passed, failed, not taken). From here, click the “Start” button to begin taking the course.

Some courses will require you to answer questions before getting started, similar to registering for an event. This is to gather additional information about course participants.

Navigating Lessons

Now that you’ve clicked the “Start” button, you should be in the first lesson. A lesson looks similar to an event on both web and mobile. However, on the web, you are still viewing the lesson within your Brandlive Home account, whereas an event is viewed on a separate web page.

At the top of the page, you will see which lessons you have passed, failed, or not taken for that particular course. Just below is a navigation bar that allows you to jump to any lesson of the course.  

The status of each lesson on this list will be marked: a green ✓ = passed, and a red ⊘ = failed.

Brand administrators are able to configure courses so that users are required to take lessons in order. If this option has not been enabled, you can navigate forward or backward between lessons from the left and right sides of the navigation bar.

From the mobile app, tap the arrow ← to go return to the Course Overview screen. From there, tap the next lesson on the list to navigate.

Each lesson includes a video, and most also include a quiz. When viewing from a web browser, a quiz will appear just below the video player on the lesson page. From the mobile app, you will need to tap “Take Quiz” to access the quiz in a new tab. The video will reduce down to a thumbnail size and continue playing while you take the quiz.

Taking a Quiz

Quiz questions will either be multiple choice or short answer. Answer by making your selection or typing a response, and then click “Continue”. When you’ve answered the last question, finish the quiz by clicking “Submit”.

Your quiz results will be immediately available on the next screen, indicating if you have passed or failed. Questions that you answered incorrectly will highlight the correct answer instead.

Click the retake button if the brand administrator has enabled the retake option. In this case, you can retake the quiz as many times as you need. If you pass the quiz, you will not be given the option to retake it. 


Just like events, you are able to post questions and comments in the comment stream, as well as ‘like’ and reply to other user comments. You are unable to submit comments to a live presenter since lessons only support pre-recorded video.


Brand administrators may configure a course to include incentives, which are essentially rewards for those who have passed the course. An incentive is usually either a coupon code that can be used toward a purchase from the company’s retail website, or a downloadable certificate.

When you enter into a course that includes an incentive, a notification will appear in the form of a pop-up, before you start the course. When you pass the course, there will be a link to the incentive just below the course title, on the courses list page. Alternatively, you can see all incentives you've earn and any new incentives by clicking the button called 'My Incentives' located to the top right of the page, just below your profile icon. 

The brand administrator may require you to upload a file upon passing a course, in order claim the incentive. This is usually to provide proof of your identity.

If you receive an incentive, you will get an email from the brand channel containing the coupon code or link to download the certificate.

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