Viewing Libraries


Libraries are used to group events into a single page. Usually, these events have something in common, or are part of a series and therefore intended to be watched together.

Libraries can be used in a variety of ways. Brand administrators can choose to show any number of events, and include pre-recorded video and other text on library pages. Much like an event, a library can be themed to stay on brand.

More often than not, libraries are targeted to specific audiences. In most cases viewers will be sent a link directly from the brand administrator, directing them to the library. Then again, it is possible to find a library page through organic searches and social media. It is up to the brand administrator to decide how a library will be configured and marketed.

Signing Into Libraries

When you arrive at a library page, you may be required to sign in to your Brandlive account. If you don’t have a Brandlive account, you will have the option to create one from that page.

Even if you are logged into your Brandlive account, it is possible that the library will be configured to require a specific passcode. In this case, the brand administrator is responsible for relaying the passcode to viewers in advance.

Viewing Events in Libraries

Most libraries are configured so that the next upcoming event will appear on the upper left of the page. This event will appear as a video with a countdown timer and play button. When the video is clicked, the associated event page will open in a new tab.

However, the brand administrator may choose to embed the video for the next upcoming event directly onto the library page. In that case, you can play the video from the library page without opening a new tab.

Below that, you will see past events laid out in a grid. Brands administrators can choose to include as many events here as they want. Clicking on any event will open its associated event page in a new tab.

If you are accessing a library page via mobile, tapping on an event in the library will open it in a new window.

Filtering Events

If a brand administrator has enabled the option to filter events on the library page, you can do so by using the “Filter Events” drop-down menu, located above the grid of events and to the right.

Simply click the “Filter Events” drop-down menu, make your selection(s), and the events in the library will filter accordingly.

Favorite Libraries

In Brandlive Home, you can revisit any of the libraries you’ve previously viewed from the Libraries section. This page organizes libraries by brand.

When you view a library in the mobile app, you’ll see the option to “Favorite” it. Doing this will add the library to your Favorites section under Libraries in the My Content tab.


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