About Events

Events are the cornerstone of Brandlive. An event takes place on a web page, includes a live broadcast video or pre-recorded video, and can be customized to fit a brand’s particular needs.

If you’re a brand administrator and looking for information on how to set up an event page, visit Creating an Event.

As a viewer, there are a number of ways you might hear about a Brandlive event. Brands will typically send out an email in advance to their intended viewers, with event information and URL. Brands will often market their events via social media or through paid advertisements. If you have installed the Brandlive app, brands can send push notifications about upcoming events to users who follow their channels.


If the brand administrator has enabled registration on the event page, you will be prompted to fill out a short form and click the “Register for Event” button. You can sign in if you’ve previously created a Brandlive account, or there is an option to create a new account.

If you are registering for an event and already have an account, any account information that is applicable to the registration form (e.g. your name or email address) will be automatically filled in, and you will need to fill out any remaining fields to finish registering.

Pre-Event Registration

If you arrive at an event page prior to the broadcast time or date, you can still register for it in advance. It is also possible to register for an event that has already happened, which you can watch if the brand administrator has uploaded the video from the broadcast.

Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email confirmation for the event. You can add the event to your calendar, or view upcoming events you’ve registered for under the “Events” section of Brandlive Home.

Blocked Events

Blocked by IP Address

If you arrive at an event that is blocked, it usually means the brand administrator has set the event to only show on certain IP addresses. This is done to keep events private within a company network.

However, if you were invited to an event and still see that it is blocked, double check that your device is on the correct internet network. For example, make sure your phone is connected to WiFi, not LTE.

Blocked by Email Domain

Brands are able to restrict access so that only users with certain email domains (e.g. gmail.com, yourcompany.com) can view their events. If you go to an event page with this setting, you will not be able to register or see that event.

Live and Pre-Recorded Video

Event pages can host two types of video: live and pre-recorded. It is up to the brand to decide which type of video will be available to viewers. After a live broadcast ends, it is common for brands to upload the recorded version to the same page for repeated viewing.

There is no limit to the number of marketing, commerce and training events that brands can create.  A brand may upload or embed a video onto the event page, where it will live indefinitely until the video is removed or the event is taken down.

When a brand is “going live”, this means it is going to host a live stream on its event page. In this case, it is important for viewers to register in advance and arrive at the event on time.

Playing  Live Video

Live events do not require the viewer to play the video or do anything other than register or sign in. The broadcast feed will automatically play once the viewer arrives to the page and the channel is live.

Lead Time: Sometimes a brand will feature a still frame in the video player leading up to the live broadcast, giving viewers a heads up that the presentation will begin soon. If you see a still frame in the player at the time in which the broadcast is supposed to start, give it a couple of minutes - the feed should begin shortly.

Once the broadcast has finished, the screen will be black until the brand administrator has uploaded the recorded version of the live broadcast.

Playing Pre-Recorded Video

If a video has been uploaded or embedded onto an event page, it will not automatically play when you arrive at the page. You will need to press the play web-play.svg button the same way you would play a video on Youtube or Vimeo.

In fact, videos from Youtube or Vimeo may be embedded on the page. Therefore, the video player controls across all pre-recorded video function the same way.

Watching Video in Theater Mode

You can watch a live or pre-recorded video in theater mode on an event page. Theater mode expands the video to the width of the screen, minus the comment section on the right. This allows you to view the video on a larger scale while still participating in the live event. 

Interacting During an Event

Brandlive gives viewers the ability to interact with on-screen presenters in real time, which has a number of benefits for both the viewer and presenter. Viewers are given a direct line of communication to the presenter, so their questions are answered quickly and organically. Additionally, the communication between viewers and the presenter adds to the momentum of the event.

Submitting Comments

To ask the presenter a question or submit a comment, fill out the comment form on the event page. If you’re viewing on the mobile app, tap the “Comment” button to open the form.

Once your comment is submitted, it may not appear in the comment stream right away. This depends on whether the brand administrator has chosen to have comments reviewed by a moderator before they appear. Otherwise, your comment will post right away.

Often, times, brands elect to use moderators during their live events. The moderator is responsible for monitoring all incoming comments and sending them to the presenter. This helps regulate the number of comments seen by the presenter and keeps the comment stream free of spam or inappropriate comments.

Once the event ends, viewers may continue to leave comments on the event page, which the moderator is able to review. If the moderator replies, the comment author will receive an email with the response.

Twitter Comments

Some brand channels configure their events so that comments can be shared to Twitter. To do this, you must already be signed into Twitter from another window. Type your comment on the Brandlive page, click the “Post on Twitter” button, and then click “Submit” to simultaneously submit your comment to the Brandlive comment stream and your Twitter page.

Note: This feature is currently only available for browser-based events.

Searching and Filtering Comments

Viewers are able to search for specific messaging in the comment stream. Just click the field above the comment stream, type your search, and press enter. Comments that match your search will appear just below the search field.

Additionally, you can filter the comment stream so that only questions and the most popular comments are visible. Click the “All Messages” button to the right of the search field to show the various filter options.

Note: These features are currently only available for browser-based events.

Interacting With Other Viewers

The commenting functionality can also be used to interact with other viewers during an event. When you submit a comment, anyone on the event page can reply. Likewise, you can reply to anyone’s comment in the stream via the “Reply” button just below the comment.

Other Event Content

Events can include more than just a live or pre-recorded video. Depending on the type of event, you might also see a products section, slideshow, or quiz. Each module serves a different purpose for the event experience.


Almost all eCommerce events include a product module, designed to inform viewers and sell one or multiple products.

To purchase the product, click the button next to the product image. This should direct you to the brand’s retail website, or wherever the brand is selling that product.

The product module can also be used to link to any URL, even if it isn’t product related. For instance, a brand might link to a downloadable PDF that it wants viewers to have access to.

You can always revisit any of the products you’ve previously viewed or saved. These can be found under the “Products” section of your Brandlive account.


Slideshows are useful for showcasing a variety of content or displaying presentations. Click the left or right arrows to navigate through the slideshow, or skip ahead by clicking the slide number below the image.

The event moderator can advance the slideshow for viewers on the event page. When the brand administrator enables this feature, you will not be able to advance slides on your own.


Quizzes can be used to gather data from an audience about a particular product or service, or to educate viewers during the event they’re participating in.

Start by answering the first question of the quiz, then click “Next” to continue to the next one. When you’ve completed the quiz, a message will appear saying you’ve passed or failed.

If the brand administrator has enabled the option for users to retake the quiz, a “Retake” button will appear. In this case, you can retake the quiz as many times as you’d like.

Sharing Events

If the brand administrator has enabled event sharing for browser-based event pages, you will see a variety of sharing options on the left side of the event page. You may share via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, and a variety of others that can be accessed by clicking the “+” button.

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