Mobile Events

Viewing Events in the App

Viewing an event from your mobile device is a different experience than viewing events from a web browser. However, the content is the same on both. It is your choice how you want to view the event.

Opening an event is simple if you’re already in the app. Unlike viewing events on the web, where each one has its own web page, the mobile app will open the event within the app itself.

Opening Events in the App

If you receive an event notification, simply tap the notification and it will open the event. If you are inside the app, tap any event thumbnail image to open the event.

Opening Events From an Email Invite

A brand may send you an email about an upcoming event. Tap the event link from your mobile device to open it in your device’s web browser, such as Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android.

If you have the app installed on an Android phone, you will automatically be redirected to the app, and the event will open. From an iOS device, you will need to tap the banner that appears in Safari to open the app, and the event will appear.

Event Registration

If registration is enabled for an event, you will be sent to the registration page whether you open the event from within the app or from an emailed URL.

If you are not yet signed into the app when you go to the registration screen, you can sign in or create an account by tapping the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner. From there you’ll have the option to sign in or create an account, as you would when registering for an event from the web.

At this point, fill in any remaining registration questions and tap “Register for Event”.

Leaving an Event

To leave an event, swipe the video thumbnail away to the right of the screen, and the event will close.

You are also able to browse through the Brandlive app while watching a video. In the upper left corner of the event window, you will see an arrow pointing down that is floating over the video player. Tap the arrow to minimize the event window. This will reduce the event to a thumbnail size in the lower right corner, but the video will continue to play with audio.

Navigating Within an Event

Within the mobile app, events have their own tab options along the bottom of the screen. These tabs contain the other content modules that you might see on a browser-based event, such as products, slideshows, or quizzes.

The number of tabs you see on a mobile event page depends on how many content modules have been enabled for the event. For instance, if the event is configured with a products module,  slideshow and a quiz, then you will see the following tabs: Event mobile-event-play.svg, Products mobile-box.svg, Slideshow mobile-image.svg,  and Take Quiz mobile-quiz.svg. If the event is configured to only have a video and no other content, then the tab bar will not appear.

If you navigate to another tab by tapping on the tab icon, the video will minimize in the lower right corner of the screen, allowing you to browse other content without missing the event.

Products Tab

The products in this tab will appear in a list. You can easily save products from the list view and then revisit them later from the “My Content” tab. Simply swipe left on any item and tap the ”Save” icon mobile-save.svg.

To view more product details, tap the product to view a larger image, description, and price.

There are two action buttons within the product view:

  • The first is a green button that can be customized. For products, this button will often read “Buy Now” or “More Info”. This button typically links to the actual product on the brand’s retail website, where you can purchase it.

    Note: It’s not uncommon for brands to use the product module for alternative information, such as a pamphlet that can be downloaded, etc.

  • The other button on the product page is “Save for Later”, which will save the product to the “My Content” tab for later viewing.

Slideshow Tab

The slideshow tab is often used for additional imagery that supports the event video. Brand administrators might use this for slides from a PowerPoint presentation.

Navigate the slideshow by swiping left or right through the slides. If you tap the slides mobile-image.svg icon in the upper left corner of the screen, a list of thumbnails will pop up that represent all the slides in the slideshow. Tap on one of the thumbnails to view that slide.

If the brand administrator has configured the slideshow so that the slides can only be advanced by the event moderator, then you will not be able to navigate through the slideshow. The slides will be advanced by the moderator only.

Take Quiz Tab

Although quizzes are more often used for Courses, the brand administrator can configure any event to include a quiz.

When you tap the Take Quiz tab mobile-quiz.svg, you will see the first question appear. If it’s multiple choice, select your answer. If it’s a question that requires a written response, tap on the text area to type out your answer. When you’re ready, tap the “Next” button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you’ve answered the last question, tap the “Results” button on the upper right corner. You will be shown a pass or fail message, as well as any answers that were incorrect.

For information about taking a quiz in a course, visit Taking a Quiz.

Event Comments

The same method of submitting questions and comments to the presenter during a live event, as discussed in Interacting During an Event, also applies to mobile.

Submitting a Comment

To submit a comment or question, tap the “Comment” button in the actions bar, which appears just below the event title and statistics. A field and keyboard will appear where you can type your comment. Tap “Post” to submit your comment to the comment stream.

Depending on how the event has been configured, your comment may not post to the stream until it is approved by the moderator. Otherwise, it will post immediately to the stream.

Attach Image to a Comment

Attach an image to your comment by tapping the camera mobile-camera.svg icon to the left of the comment field. This will open a view of all the photos currently on your mobile device. Select an image to attach to your comment, or you can tap “Take Photo” to open the camera.

If you take a photo, review the image and tap “Use” in the upper right corner to automatically attach it to your comment. Otherwise, tap the “Camera” button in the upper left corner to go back to the camera and take another photo.

When you’re done, the photo you took or selected will be attached above your comment. When you’re ready, tap “Post” to submit your comment. The image will appear just above your comment in the stream.

Note: If you wish, you can submit a photo only. There is no requirement to include a comment with a photo.

Mentions in a Comment

To mention a friend connection in a comment, simply start typing the name of the person in the comment field. A popup will appear above the comment field, displaying names of users who match what you’re typing. When you see the user you want to mention, tap that name in the list to include him/her in your comment. Tap “Post” to submit the comment.

Your friend connection will receive a notification saying that they’ve been mentioned in a comment.

Replying to and Liking Comments

Each comment in the stream can be replied to or liked by anyone participating in the event. Replying to a comment is as straightforward as adding a new comment. When you reply to a comment, the user who submitted the original comment will receive a notification.

To like a comment, tap the “Like” mobile-like.svg button below any comment. The user will receive a notification when you do this. The number of likes received on any comment or reply will show to the right of the button. Tap this number to show a list of everyone who liked the comment. You can also connect with users from this list.

Connection Requests

You may request to connect with anyone who has a Brandlive account. Connecting with other users allows you to share Brandlive content with each other and mention one another in your comments.

To make a connection request, tap the avatar or name of the user who submitted a comment. This will take you to the user’s Brandlive profile. Tap the “Connect With…” button on their profile page to submit the request. The user must accept your connection request before you are officially connected with each other in the app.

Accepting a Connection Request

Likewise, any other viewers may request to connect with you. When you receive a connection request, you will get a notification. When you’ve left the event, tap the notifications icon mobile-bell.svg in the upper left corner to show the list of notifications and connection requests. You can approve a request right in this screen. If you have more than one connection request, you can see up to three in the notifications view. To see all requests, tap the “See All” button to view the full list.

Connect with Friends of Friends

You have the ability to browse another Brandlive users’ connections. To view a friend’s connection, start on your friend’s profile page. On this page, you will see a count of the user’s total connections, and up to four avatars. If they have more than four connections, you will see a “+5” in a circle if they have five additional connections, etc. Tap this number to view your friend’s entire list of connections. From there you may request to connect with anyone on the list.

Removing a Connection

Remove a connection by tapping the “Connected” button on his/her profile. A dialog will appear with the option to remove the connection.

Other Event Interactions

Sharing Events

There are a few ways in which you can share an event. From the event page, tap the “Share” button in the actions bar (next to the “Comment” button). This will bring up a list of options:

  • Share with Connections: This will bring up your full list of connections. Select the people you’d like to share the event with, then tap “Share” in the upper right corner.
  • Add to Calendar: This will open the calendar on your mobile device. The event title, date, and time will be saved to your calendar.
  • Copy Link: This copies the web URL of the event, so you can send the link however you want: email, text message, etc.
  • More Share Options: This will bring up additional apps you have installed on your device that support sharing, such as Facebook, email, messaging, etc.

Favoriting Events

Favorite an event by tapping the “Favorite” button in the actions bar (next to the “Share” button). Favoriting an event will automatically save it under the My Content tab in the Events section, so you can find the event at a later date.


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