Best Uses For Brandlive

How Do Brands Use Brandlive?

Live video brings a more tangible and effective experience to consumer marketing. Brands are able to uniquely captivate their viewers in a way that conventional marketing mediums can’t. To accomplish this, they use Brandlive events to deliver messaging and connect with their audiences.

For instance, using Brandlive to showcase a new product in action allows the user to display its capabilities far more effectively, plus it opens up a dialog between the brand and consumer. This builds on the consumer’s connection to the brand and often results in a better conversion rate for the brand.

But that’s just one example. Let’s break down the three most common use cases for Brandlive:


Marketing events can be used to build awareness for a brand, product, or service, and to gain consumer insights. These events are typically targeted to known audiences such as those generated from an email list, people who follow brands on their social channels, and other connected consumers.

Brands can then take the data acquired from events to measure their social reach and to collect audience feedback for identifying key product insights.


eCommerce events are typically used to sell products directly to audiences. These events usually include a products section on the event page where the consumer can learn about the product, save information for later, or even make a purchase.

Often times these events are associated with a sale, promotion, or deal. Typically, they are promoted to consumers via email, social media, websites, and/or direct advertising.


For employee and partner education, Brandlive has a built-in course feature that is used for video learning management. We have used the building blocks of our platform to create a way for brands to organize lessons into course curriculums.

These courses can be used for internal training and/or incentivizing employees and retail partners to learn about their brand, products, or services. Courses are targeted solely to specific audiences associated with the brand, so they are not publicly discoverable.


In the upcoming articles, we’ll discuss how you can start interacting with Brandlive content.

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If you are already a customer and need to learn about administering your Brandlive content, please visit the Customer Administration section.