Mobile App Overview


In addition to being a web browser-based platform, Brandlive is also available for iOS and Android.

The Brandlive mobile app allows you to view events and interact the same way you would with browser-based events. There are also numerous features that keep viewers connected to their favorite brands and other users. To get started, visit the Apple App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device to install the app.

If you don’t already have an account with Brandlive, you can sign up for one within the app by tapping “Sign In” and entering your email address and password. For further instructions about signing up for a Brandlive account, visit Account Creation and Navigation.

Guest Sign In

You are not required to have a Brandlive account to use the Brandlive app. If you choose to sign in as a guest, you are able to browse brand channels and their public events, libraries, and products. However, you will not be allowed to subscribe to any channels, leave comments, or save events.

To sign in as a guest, open the app and tap the “Guest Sign In” button at the bottom of the screen. This will bypass the Sign In screen and take you directly into the app.


If this is your first time using the mobile app and you have just signed in or created your account, you will be guided through a quick 5-step onboarding tutorial. This will give you a lay of the land before you dive in.

On the last slide of the tutorial, you will be asked to enter your location. Your location is posted under your name each time you leave a comment on an event page. This helps brands know where their audiences are tuning in from.

Navigating the App

Navigating the mobile app is simple. Once you’ve completed the onboarding tutorial, you will be taken to the Home/Feed “tab”. There are five main tabs that appear at the bottom of the screen, which guides you throughout the Brandlive mobile app experience. These tabs are:

Home / Feed  web-logo-new.svg - View your upcoming events, suggested events, and channel subscriptions.

Explore Channels  mobile-explore.svg - Explore and subscribe to brand channels. Each channel might have events, libraries, and products.

My Content  mobile-content.svg - Revisit and manage the content you’ve viewed and saved.

Courses  mobile-learn.svg - Take courses assigned to you by brand channels.

Account  mobile-account.svg - Manage your account information and settings. If you are a Brandlive customer, this is where you go to broadcast a live event.

Each of these tabs is at the top of its own navigation tree, so you can explore deeper within them. When you explore further into a particular tab, you can navigate back by tapping the “back” arrow mobile-arrow-left.svg on the upper left corner of the screen.

At the top of the screen, you will see two additional icons that appear on all the main tabs (aside from Account):

Notifications  mobile-bell.svg - On the upper left corner of the screen is the notifications icon. Tap this to show a list of all your incoming notifications and connection requests.

Search  mobile-search.svg - On the upper right corner of the screen is the search icon. Tap this to show the search bar, which you can use to search for any public event, library, or course assigned to you.


With the Brandlive app installed on your device, you will periodically receive notifications about content and interactions within the app.

There are a variety of notifications you can receive. We’ll list some of the most common ones here, however, as we build more features into the app, this list will fluctuate.

  • Upcoming events (you will receive a notification 15 minutes before an event starts, and another one when the event begins)
  • Connection requests
  • One of your connection shares content with you
  • One of your connections registers for an event
  • Another user mentions you in a comment, replies to one of your comments, or likes one of your comments on an event page
  • A brand channel invites you to an event
  • Subscription requests (Brands can request to send you notifications about upcoming content. When accepting, this subscribes you to their brand channel.)
  • A brand channel assigns you a new course to take.
  • Post-event notifications (brand administrators only - when someone comments on an event after it has ended)

You can turn off any of these notifications at any time by tapping the gear icon mobile-gear.svg in the upper right corner of the notifications screen, which will show the full notification list. You can also get to the notifications settings from the Account tab mobile-account.svg, then tap on “Notification Settings” in the list of options.

Receiving Notifications

When you receive a notification while using the app, an alert will appear at the top of the screen for a brief moment, then disappear. You can tap the alert to be taken to the notification. If you don’t tap the alert, it will disappear after a few seconds, but you can always get back to your notifications by tapping the bell icon mobile-bell.svg on the upper left corner of the app.

The count for the number of your unseen notifications will appear in red just to the right of the bell icon. When you open the Notifications screen, it will register that you have “seen” all your new notifications. When you close the screen, the unseen count will go away.

Push Notifications

Brandlive also leverages your mobile device’s native push notification functionality. If a notification comes in when you’re not using the mobile app, your phone will alert you about the incoming notification. This alert will appear with the blue Brandlive icon, so you know it is coming from the Brandlive app. Tap the alert from your device to open the Brandlive mobile app, and you will be taken directly to the content you were notified about.

Channel Subscriptions

Users have the option of subscribing to brand channels. This feature connects viewers with their favorite brands and stays up to date on their live video events, libraries, and products.

Subscribing to Channels

Start by tapping on the Explore web-logo-new.svg tab. A list of suggested brand channels will be near the top, just above the list of all the other brands in Brandlive. Each brand typically represents one channel. However, it is possible that a brand has more than one channel for a different facet of its company. For example, one brand might have a marketing channel as well as an internal training channel.

Channels that do not have any public events will not appear on the list unless you have been invited to or previously registered for one of their private events.

Tap on a channel to view a list of its upcoming or previous events. You can also browse the channel’s libraries or products by tapping on the respective tab.

To subscribe, tap the “Subscribe” button just below the brand’s logo. Once subscribed, you will see a list of events appear under the “Subscriptions Feed” section of the Feed tab web-logo-new.svg. Additionally, you’ll see the channel promoted to the top of the list in the Explore tab. This is so you can quickly view the brands you are subscribed to.


The Feed tab shows your most relevant upcoming events, with easy viewing access. Tap on any event from your feed, and the event will open in a new window.

Upcoming Events

Near the top of the Feed tab, is a large slider, which shows the thumbnails of upcoming events that you are registered for. Events that are currently live will display a red “LIVE NOW” message. You will also find up to 5 other public upcoming events in this space, including the ones you are registered for. Swipe left and right to browse through the list of events.

Suggested Events

Just below the Upcoming Events section is “Suggested Events”. Here you will see events from audiences you are associated with. If a brand has included you as part of its audience from a previous event, it may appear on this list.

You can scroll horizontally through this list to browse events, or tap the “More” button to see a full list of suggested events.

Subscriptions Feed

The subscriptions feed will show a list of the brand channels you’re subscribed to. Lists of events are categorized by brand. Scroll horizontally through a list to explore a brand’s events. You can also tap the “Explore” button to view more brand channels.


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