What is Brandlive?

Welcome to Brandlive!

Brandlive is a live video platform for brands and retailers to interact with their audiences for training, marketing, and commerce. Simply put, Brandlive provides a channel for companies to broadcast live video in real-time. Meanwhile, viewers can get their comments and questions answered by the presenter on air while interacting with other audience members.

In essence, Brandlive allows a real-time interaction between a viewer and a brand, providing a direct line of communication that can be more genuine and effective than other marketing mediums.

Who uses Brandlive?

Brandlive is comprised of multiple experiences that come together to form the platform. Generally speaking, there are two types of Brandlive users. The first is the viewer, who is someone that interacts with Brandlive content. This is typically a consumer, employee, or retail partner of a particular brand. The second is the administrator of Brandlive content, which is typically the brand or retailer.

Brand administrators use Brandlive to create live video experiences and target them to their audiences. Since Brandlive has custom branding and theming capabilities available to customers, viewers may not even know they’re on a Brandlive page. However, this depends on how heavily branded an event or library page may be.

Things to Know

As we discuss Brandlive in more technical detail, here are a few terms to be familiar with that have a special meaning in the context of Brandlive:

Channel - Each Brandlive customer has its own channel (sometimes more than one). Channels encompass all branded content such as events, libraries, courses, and products. Users can subscribe to a channel’s public content, so when the brand goes live, viewers will be notified.

Event - An event is primarily where viewers go to watch live video and interact with Brandlive content. Events can be viewed either on browser-based web pages or within the mobile app, and include specific times for audience members to arrive. Brands can configure and theme event pages however necessary to fit their use cases. Events can have either a live broadcast or pre-recorded video. Learn more about events

Library - A library is a collection of events that appear on a page, which usually share a similar theme or purpose. Libraries are also viewed on browser-based web pages or within the mobile app and are often themed to fit a brand’s use case. Learn more about libraries

Course - A course is a learning module that includes at least one or more lesson. It is part of our Video Learning Platform. Learn more about courses

Lesson - A lesson is a subset of a course. It is similar in appearance to an event but is a tailored experience for training and e-learning. A lesson typically includes a pre-recorded video and a quiz.

Products - Brands can post their products to event pages for viewers to purchase. Learn more about products

Audience - An audience is a group of viewers that a brand can target their content to. Brands curate their audiences via mailing lists, purchase history and behavior, and marketing mediums.

Registration - Most events require registration.  Administrators can decide whether or not users need existing Brandlive accounts to register. Some events are 100% public and can be viewed without needing to register at all. Learn more about registration

Next, let’s take a look at the common ways businesses use Brandlive: Best Uses for Brandlive