How to: Join Greenroom via Conference Room [COMING SOON]

Greenroom is joinable via most conference room solutions. To ensure Greenroom Conference is supported, contact your IT department or device/software manufacturer ask if 'SIP' is supported. Cisco, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex are all known to support the SIP protocol. 

How to Join

1. Ensure that you are actively inside a conference room with SIP support. On a personal device (iOS or web), navigate to a particular Greenroom you would like to join.

2. After authenticating into Greenroom, you'll see two options:

a. Join on your current device

b. Join via conference room

3. After choosing 'Join via conference room,' you'll see a handful of presets that will help you get started.

SIP presets.jpg

Note: If you've previously joined a SIP device from your account or that location, all the configuration options will be shown to easily rejoin -- simply hover over the room card and click 'Join,'

SIPrecentlyused (1).jpg

4. If setting up a new room, input your conference room information in the form. If you are given more than a SIP address, expand the "Advanced" section and provide all the info needed:


5. If your room connection was successful, you should see a preview of a camera feed on your laptop:


6. Once successfully connected, you can either close your laptop and use the in-room controls or join on your laptop via companion mode.

About Companion Mode:

Companion mode allows you to join the Greenroom from your laptop without an audio or video connection. This allows you to access all Greenroom functionalities like slide deck controls, chat, notes and more.