Feature Overview: The Brandlive Webinar Experience

Brandlive’s webinar workflows are aimed at elevating web seminars to the level of your favorite streaming platforms. We want to make it easy for you to create engaging content that in turn makes it simple for your audience to get more out of their webinar experiences. The new session page layout offers templated design options to create a highly professional experience with your brand along with easy admin workflows that enable you to scale your webinar and expand your reach. The latest improvements to the Brandlive Platform will create webinars with an attendee viewership that looks and feels like modern consumer video platforms resulting in increased viewership, as well as a plethora of audience engagement features to deepen audience connection to your content and brand. 


Video Overview

Key New Features

The new session page will debut exciting new color themes, layouts and engagement types to boost audience interaction and retention:

  • Light and Dark Modes ensure maximum accessibility while standardizing and simplifying color themes across all projects.
  • Our newly designed and updated layouts allow you to highlight your video content or your page content without sacrificing the quality of either:
    • Above the Fold allows you to display your webinar and engagement content side by side using the full height of your browsers -- with chat, engagement features, and supporting content nested into a panel to the right of your video.
    • Below the Fold breathes new life into our previous, down-the-page webinar experience with the addition of light and dark modes, new engagement types, and a cosmetic overhaul. 
  • Our surveys, polls, quizzes and questions are now bundled together in the Engage tab to seamlessly drive viewer participation while generating actionable metrics for your sales and marketing teams. 

How to Craft Your Perfect Webinar

  1. After logging into the Brandlive Platform, click the Create button in the upper right corner and select “Project.”
  2. Select “Blank Project.”
  3. Create a new project - add in your webinar name and default language. Optionally add the new project to a group, change the project type to Webinar and select either the default theme (Limelight) or your own custom theme. Choose whether you would like to have a landing page and registration enabled. 
  4. For a simple webinar, we recommend not using a landing or home page and enabling registration. That way your audience flow will be Registration > Webinar. 
  5. Then create your session. Choose whether your webinar will be broadcasted or on-demand and configure the scheduling settings accordingly. Then click “Continue.”
  6. Click Registration at the top left corner of the side navigation. In the side panel, click the pencil icon visible when you hover over “General Info” to choose which questions you would like to ask your registrants (First, Last and Email are required). If you would like to include steps for profile creations and avatar upload, you can toggle them on below General Info.
  7. Don’t forget to upload an eye-catching image for your registration page by hovering over the middle section and clicking the image icon that appears in the top right hand corner. You should also replace the placeholder text with a short description of your event.   
  8. Now select the Pages tab in the side navigation. On the left side panel, you’ll see the list of pages: Landing, Home and the name of your webinar session. Click into the session.
  9. Navigate to the Layout tab in the left side panel. Select light or dark mode for your webinar’s theme and update your accent colors as needed. Then under Page Style, select either Above the Fold or Below the Fold. Choose if you would like to have Chat or not.
  10. In the left side panel, select the Content tab. There you will see options to add content.
    • Overview: To edit, click the pencil icon next to Overview. Here you can edit the session description. To control which buttons show in the overview, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Session Options where you can enable or disable them according to your needs.
    • Engage: Click into the Engage tab. Select the Add button and choose whether to add from library or create new. 
      • Question - Type the question title and choose which engagement options you would like for your audience: Likes, Replies and Anonymous replies. Click Save to add the question to your page.
      • Survey - Type the survey title and decide if you would like to allow attendees to retake the survey. Then create your survey questions. Each survey can have one or more questions and can be either Single Choice, Multiple Choice or Comment Box. Please note, selections and replies will not be visible to other participants. Click Save to add the survey to your page.
      • Poll - Type the poll title and decide if you would like to allow attendees to retake the poll. Then create your poll questions. Each poll can have one or more questions and can be either Single or Multiple Choice. Please note, selections will be visible to other participants. Click Save to add the poll to your page.
      • Quiz - Type the quiz title and decide if you would like to allow attendees to retake the quiz and how many correct answers will be required to pass. Then create your quiz questions and indicate which is the correct answer. Only single choice answers are allowed. Click Save to add the quiz to your page.
    • Extras: Click into the Extras tab. Select the Add button and choose whether to add from library or create new. 
      • Products - This module enables you to highlight any relevant products or sponsors with images, descriptions and CTAs.
      • Resources - Formerly documents, resources allow your attendees to view and download leave behind materials from your webinar, be it 
      • Speakers - Highlight your webinar presenters and participants with headshots, bios and social media links. 
      • Suggested - Formerly Similar Sessions and only available in multi-session events, this feature allows you to seamlessly promote your next sessions to your attendees and ensure they’re prompt attendance.
      • Custom sub-tab - The custom sub-tab can hold any of the above Extras content or custom HTML/iFrames for embedded content. Our customers frequently utilize widgets for social sharing, donation portals and third-party captioning.
    • Custom tab: If you would like to add a custom tab, simply click the “+Add” button underneath Extras and select which content you would like displayed. Please note that Engage features can only live in the Engage tab. 
  11. Finally, add a hero image by hovering over the media player and selecting the image icon in the upper right hand corner. 
  12. After you are done adding in all your content, publish your webinar by clicking the blue Publish button in the top right corner. 
  13. To view your webinar, click “Copy Link” and paste the link of the webinar into your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way for me to use an old layout?

Yes! If you do not want to use the new layouts yet, either use an existing template to create new projects or simply duplicate an older project. The previous layout will carry through. However, no projects created from scratch will have the option to use the old layout.

Is there a tutorial or guide available to understand how to best construct my new webinars? 

Yes! See our step-by-step guide above.

Is this feature available for all users or only specific tiers/plans?
The new session page layout is available to all Brandlive Platform users with editor access. These user permissions are Owners, Admins, Builders, Group Admins, Editors, Viewers and Producers. For more information on user permissions see this article.

Can the new session page be customized or tailored to specific needs?
The new session page layouts were built to maximize your content within the constraints of web accessibility via the pre-built Light and Dark Modes. Your color palette Accent colors add one level of enhancement to your session page. If you need further customization, you can do so using the Session Level CSS OR reach out to your CSM or AE to get a quote for our custom theme creation services.

Is there customer support available if I encounter issues while using the new session page?

Always. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM or Account Manager with any questions about the this new feature, or email your questions/concerns to support@brandlive.com.

How often will updates or improvements be made to the session page? 

Our engineering cycle typically releases weekly, so keep an eye out for iterations and improvements every week unless otherwise noted. To stay in the loop, subscribe to our What’s New email here.

Can I provide feedback or suggestions for enhancements to the new session page?  

Please do! We welcome your feedback and are always seeking to improve. Send us your suggestions at support@brandlive.com.