How to: Use iOS Notes & Teleprompter

Greenroom iOS' notes and teleprompter features empowers presenters to deliver polished and professional webinars with ease. These features allows users to add their scripts or notes and have them displayed in a scrolling teleprompter format, ensuring a natural and confident delivery. Say goodbye to awkward pauses and hello to a more engaging and effective webinar presenter experience. Whether you are a seasoned orator or a novice, the Greenroom teleprompter will help you deliver your content with precision and impact, making your webinars a breeze to host and a pleasure to attend.


Adding Your Notes

After joining the Greenroom on your iPhone or iPad, select "Notes" from the menu.


Then click "Create Note." You can rename your note to your presentation name for easy access and sharing. Click the checkmark in the upper righthand corner to save the new note.

Once your note has been created and saved, you can use it as is (side by side the canvas) or with the teleprompter. 

Notes created by you or shared with you on the Greenroom desktop application will appear in your iOS Notes library. 

Using the Teleprompter

To use the teleprompter, open the note containing your script or presentation and click the teleprompter button. This will shift the device to Teleprompter mode, which displays the contents of the note over the contents of the canvas. 

To start the teleprompter, click the green Play button. 


By default, Voice Scroll will be enabled; this allows the device to determine when you are speaking and adjust the speed of the teleprompter according to your pace. 

To disable Voice Scroll, click the settings icon to the left of the Play button and toggle it off. If disabled, the system will give you a 3 second countdown before it begins to scroll. 


Here you can also adjust the font size and the speed of the teleprompter. The default speed is approximately 125 words per minute.

You can always pause the teleprompter if needed, by selecting the pause button. 


Teleprompter Best Practices

  • Practice Practice Practice! Before going live, practice reading your script at the same pace you plan to use during the actual presentation. Familiarity with the teleprompter feature and your script will make your delivery all the more natural and confident. 
  • Maintain Eye Contact: While using a teleprompter, it's essential to maintain eye contact with the camera to connect with your audience. Ensure you are positioned in the center of the window and close to your device, so your gaze appears as if you're looking directly at the viewers.
  • Adjust the Speed and Font Size: Be prepared to adjust the teleprompter's scrolling spped and font size based on your speaking pace and comfort. The text should scroll at a rate that allows you to speak clearly and at a natural rhythm.
  • Use Punctuation and Emphasis: To sound engaging and relatable, use punctuation marks and emphasis cues within your script to signal changes in tone, emphasize key points, or express enthusiasm. This will help keep your webinar lively and engaging.