How to: Update Campaign Member Status with Salesforce

The Brandlive Platform's custom outbound integration allows you to configure your Salesforce Campaign Members' status to dynamically mirror user engagement with live or on-demand video content, providing a real-time snapshot of your audience's interests and interactions. Elevate your sales and marketing strategies with this powerful integration.

Authentication Process

1. Within Salesforce, you will need to create two new Campaign Member fields within the "Status" pick list:

  • Attended
  • Attended On-demand

2. Within the Brandlive Platform, navigate to the "Settings" tab from the top menu, then select "Integrations" from the lefthand navigation options. From the filter dropdown, choose "Outbound" and then click the "+Add" button. 

From the pop out modal, select the Custom tile.

3. Once selected, under "Integration type," ensure that the "Salesforce Campaign Member Status" option is selected. If you do not see this option in the dropdown list, please reach out to your Brandlive representative to enable this feature.

4. In the Activity Mapping section, enter "6" for Watched Live and "7" for Watched On Demand. Leave all the other fields blank and press "Next."

5. In the next screen, select which project groups (if any) you would like this to be available for:

6. You will then be prompted to authenticate your Salesforce account with Brandlive. Click the "Finish" button to do so.

7. After authenticating, you will need to enable the integration at the channel level. You will be redirected to the Integrations Settings page where you need to toggle on the tile for the integration you just configured:

8. Now, navigate to the Projects dashboard by selecting "Projects" from the top menu. Select the project you would like to track activity for; then in the Project Details screen, select the "Integrations" tab.

Select the tile you need to enable and click "Edit."

In the Key field, enter "CampaignId." In the Value field, enter your Salesforce Campaign ID. Leave all the other fields blank. 


Click Next.

9. Toggle on the tile. The integration will now be enabled for your project and your attendee statuses will now update in Salesforce.