Pulled at the project level, the Video report is an incredibly valuable set of data that can be used to determine attendee's content consumption and participation at an extremely granular level. We offer both a close look at user's actions and data, giving your marketing team the intel they need to generate leads and tailor your content to maximize engagement.

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Column Definitions

First Name: user's first name

Last Name: user's last name

Email: user's email address:

Session Title: which session page the user is interacting with 

Entered Session at: time user landed on the session page

Played Video at: time the user's browser autoplayed the video content OR time the user clicked play

Time Played: duration of video watched by the user during a given browser instance

Left Session at: time user closed or left the session page OR lost connection

Device Type: mobile, tablet or desktop

Browser: which internet browser the user is employing to access the content

OS: operating system 

Country/State/City/Zip code: captured at global registration questions if enabled for the event; if not, we fall back on closest available data from the user's IP address

Referrer: which website or search engine the user followed to land on the Brandlive Platform (if any)

Language: which language the user consumed the session 

Event ID: Brandlive Platform's value that differentiates one project from another project

UTM values: vary based on UTMs added to channel/project settings

Tracking Limitations

Browser privacy settings restrict broad tracking actions to protect end user PII. In certain cases this can supersede Brandlive tracking, meaning there are cases where we cannot track the specific moment in time where users exit a page. For cases when we cannot capture the specific moment in time a user leaves, Brandlive sends out a heartbeat signal to gauge active user sessions every five minutes. When we detect via that pulse that a user session is no longer active and we did not capture the specific moment in time a user left, we return the most recent valid heartbeat timestamp as their session exit time.