Reactions are a unique way to drive engagement and elevate your attendee’s viewing experience. When Reactions are enabled at the session-level, attendees can choose an emoji to display on the screen for all other attendees to see in real time.

Video Overview

Enabling Default Reactions

Since reactions are enabled at the session-level you will need to first enter the session-editor page in the admin console. Navigate to “Settings” and scroll down to the “Reactions” module. Toggle the module on and click the + sign.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 10.54.15 AM.png

This will prompt a pop-up modal where you can select one of Brandlive’s default reactions:


Once you find the emoji you want simply click “Add”. Clicking “add” will then enable the toggle in the modal to quickly disable or enable the emoji reaction.


If you click the toggle at the bottom of the modal you also have the ability to set a description of the emoji which will only be visible if the “Set hover text description” is toggled on. Lastly, a background color can be added to your emoji by selecting your desired color and then choosing an opacity percentage. 

Uploading Custom Reactions

You can also add one or many custom emojis to add even more branding options to your session! To do so, follow the same flow to get to the Reactions module. In the "Manage Reactions" popup, select "+Add custom reaction."


 Then upload your custom emoji in PNG format and give it a name:


After clicking "Save," your new custom emoji will display in the list of emojis.


Viewing Your Reactions

Please keep in mind that the Reactions option, similar to the other player controls, are only visible when there is an active stream. You can now run a test stream to your session page to test out your new emojis! In order to test your reactions without your attendees being able to see, simply toggle “Test Broadcast” at the top of the session editor. This will block the stream from the front end but allow you to test the reactions functionality.

This is what active reactions look like during a live webinar or event:


Downloading Reaction Data

Finally, all attendee interactions are stored and can be pulled at the project or session level by clicking “Download Reports” and checking the box for the Reactions report. This will give you the information on who clicked a reaction, which reaction they chose, and a timestamp for when they clicked it.


Please note: Reactions are separate from Chat emojis. Reactions display as overlays on top of the video player; chat emojis display in the chat to the right of the video player in line with text.