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Paid Ticketing

Introducing . . . Paid Ticketing on the Events Platform. Hosts will now have the ability to create and charge of event tickets within the Events platform.
Benefits of Paid Ticketing
  • Event hosts can consolidate all registration actions on a single platform by also allowing ticket purchases for an event
  • Instead of using a third party platform like Eventbrite, event hosts can save time and effort by using BL Events ticketing
  • Our ticketing platform is hosted by Stripe and is fully secure
How to Set up Ticketing in the Admin Console
  1. Set up Stripe Integration
    • Select ‘Settings’ from the left hand navigation bar > Click on ‘Integrations’ tab
    • Enter Account Admin’s email as primary contact and then click enter
    • Click ‘Connect Stripe’, this will take you through the account registration process within Stripe, where you will be asked to create an account and enter bank information
    • Once account is set up in Stripe, you will be taken back to the BrandLive Platform to finalize the set up process
  2. Set up Paid list: 
    • Select ‘People’ from the left hand navigation bar > Click on ‘Paid List’ tab
    • Upload a List of Emails
      • Create a List that contains people who will have access to your event; adding attendees to this list will exempt them from paying for the event
      • Once an attendee has paid for a ticket, they will be added to the list
      • Note: this list can be empty
  3. Turn on Paid Ticketing
    • Click on Edit Event > Click on the ‘Registration’ tab
    • Toggle to turn on registration
    • Under the section ‘Paid List’, select the Paid List associated with the event
    • Enter the cost of the ticket
  • Can we add multiple price points to an event (tiered event and discounts)? No, currently each event will have only one price. However, you are able to create multiple events and assign a ticket price to each event.
  • Do I need a Stripe account to create tickets? Yes, you will need to create an account with Stripe through our Stripe integration. It is a very easy process. Creating a Stripe integration ensures that you are able to collect the sales from your ticket.
  • Is there a charge for using this feature? There is no upfront charges, but Brandlive will collect 7% of ticket sales, and Stripe has their own fees.
  • Can I sell tickets but not use the Brandlive ticketing platform? You are absolutely welcomed to do so - you can set up tickets on Eventbrite or another platform, and then integrate that information with Brandlive.