Broadcast Failure Troubleshooting

If a broadcast fails, don't panic! In this article, we'll outline the simple steps that can be taken to get the broadcast live in just a few minutes.

Broadcast Failure Troubleshooting

1) Navigate to Gear icon > Streaming and check the streaming Destination. Double check that no extra spaces were included while copying the RTMP Address and Stream Key into Greenroom.  Also be sure that the destination toggle is toggled on (Green) for the destination you want.


2) If a broadcast quickly goes into the "error" state, a mismatched RTMP Address and Stream Key are likely the cause. Ensure that the RTMP Address is matched with the correct Stream Key.

3) After clicking "Stream", if a broadcast remains in the "Starting Stream" state for more than three minutes, something has gone wrong. You'll want to hover over the "Starting Broadcast" button to click "Cancel Broadcast". Once canceled, verify the streaming settings as described in steps 1 and 2.



4) If the Greenroom remains in the "Getting Ready" state for 5+ minutes, there's the option to reset a broadcast. This must be used only after all other options have been exhausted. Check out our article on how to reset broadcasting to learn more.


5) If reset broadcasting does not work, try also updating the RTMP Address and Stream Key post-resetting. Both of these troubleshooting methods combined should result in the ability to "Go-Live."

6) If you still need immediate assistance, please reach out to your CSM or to Brandlive video support: