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Broadcast Failure Troubleshooting

1. Do not panic. You should be able to get the channel live in just a few minutes by taking some basic steps.

2. Navigate to Setup > Streaming and check your streaming endpoint. If you have modified the default destination, this is the most likely point of error. Check for extra spaces or mismatched copy/pastes.



3. If a broadcast quickly goes into the "Error" state, a mismatched RTMP Address & Stream Key are likely the cause.

4. If a broadcast remains in "starting broadcast" state for more than 2 minutes, something has gone wrong and you'll want to create a new greenroom.



5. Create a new greenroom, upload a branded wallpaper, and take your broadcast live to provide some audience feedback as you reconfigure.



6. After confirming that the new greenroom is effectively broadcasting, contact your Brandlive CSM immediately, with the specific greenroom link handy when reporting the issue.