Greenroom Version 1.5


- Multi-use RTMP - A single greenroom can now be used to broadcast an unlimited amount of times, with no limitations based off of scheduled event times.

The new UI flow is: Getting Ready > Ready to Start > Go Live > Starting Broadcast > Live

- We also have additional stability improvements surrounding streaming.


Video processing - Videos uploaded into the Greenroom above a 4 Mb/s bitrate, (4000 Kb/s) will be automatically processed to optimize Greenroom performance. Depending on internet speeds, this will increase upload times by ~20%

Default Presets 

1080p is now the streaming quality by default

"Outside" is now the default layout border type (Setup > Layouts > Borders)


Bug Fixes

Multiple notes created in succession would cause duplicates

Certain upload & share flows did not allow the original file uploader to drive their own slide deck

Removal of viewer count indicator (inaccurate count)