How to: Optimize Video Quality in Greenroom

Greenroom gives you tools to optimize both the video and the experience of every presenter that joins you.

Whether you have a couple people in the Greenroom or over a dozen presenters, there are ways a Producer can optimize the video quality of feeds within Greenroom, including the Presenter's experience with their own feeds. In this article, we'll show you how to manage your video resolution. 

Video Feed Management

Within the Settings of your Greenroom (Cog Wheel > Settings), there is a toggle called Video Feed Management, which is defaulted to ON.


This toggle lets the Greenroom automatically manage how much bandwidth it receives from each participant. When Presenters are within the canvas, their maximum resolution (1080p, if supported by their camera) is being pulled from their feed. When a user is backstage, just enough bandwidth is pulled to produce the thumbnail.

The process of increasing each user's resolution takes time, so the Greenroom will request maximum bandwidth from users that are on deck to appear in the NEXT shot in the Showboard. (This is managed behind the scenes; there is no actual request made to a user). This way, by the time the Presenters' shot is on the canvas, they will not appear blurry. With this toggle set to off, all participants are treated equally, meaning every feed will pull full resolution whether on the canvas or backstage. This has the potential to diminish the overall experience in Greenroom. 



The Video Feed Management feature should be used with very careful considerations and testing beforehand to make sure ALL computers that are slated to be used to enter Greenroom are capable of handling the bandwidth requirements. There might be other scenarios in which the feature may need to be turned off as well. Consult with your Project Manager to see which option is best for you to use.


Presenter Tips

If you're looking to conserve your own bandwidth when presenting in the Greenroom, you have the ability to turn off your camera when you're not presenting in a shot. This will enable a better experience visually within Greenroom if you're struggling with a low bandwidth locally.

Closing the feeds tab and only referencing it during your presenting sections can also help. Instead, many Presenters like to use the Greenroom chat feature to communicate with other presenters and the Producer during a show.